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Icelandic prophetic foresight. – Created by ThuleanInquisitor
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  1. Dabbelvister says:

    @mavmab Hey buddy I’m German, I know our History pretty well, what you are talking about is total bullshit.
    1. Hitler was a moron 2.Himmler pushed him to use the babylonian prohecies of Sajaha for his own purposes.
    I’m more proud to be a German in at least 100 other things coming up my mind, like german poetry, beer, food,
    classic music etc., than to be proud what happend in the Nazi time. What I’m getting sick about is that the NWO is getting even worse than hwat happend in Germany.

  2. mavmab says:

    @MidnightCologne …and I’ve born in Italy. But it’s the same. IMPORTANT IS OUR BLOOD, our ancestors and our soul. Rudolf Hess has born in Egypt on April 26th 1894, Walther Darrè = Argentina. Anyway…the most important is your ancestors and descendants! Remember that Heinrich H. wanted you got your family tree since at least 1600 year.

  3. mavmab says:

    @MidnightCologne If Third Reich got the Viktory it was taking north Italy inside his national limits. I have known some leader’s grandson…i’ve read Ahnenerbe books….They said we real northern italians are germans. I dont talk about southern. Southern italians are Afrikaner. Right. But in north italy you can find still (few) some germans men. They are germanic folks descendants. If you look them you look germans. Get info and you’ll be right with me. Believe me. I LOVE DEUTSCHAND.

  4. mavmab says:

    @MidnightCologne and remember! don’t look the passport!! look the single guy cause we are living in a dark time when nations have not build by one blood only. You can find germans people in the others nations. German and Germanic are the same one! Dont look the passport. Understand what Germans (Deutschen) are all germanic volks discendants! I can learn Deutsch language, i can get new passport but I’ll never can change my blood and my blood is Deutsch also if i have born in the north of Italy.

  5. mavmab says:

    @MidnightCologne I feel compassion for you. Really this is the last time i answer you. I know you have not fault.We live in a dark time. NORTH Italy was an indipendent germanic odinist Kingdom called Langbard built by “Langobarden”. Besides it was part of Kaisertum Oesterreich. Anyway I have austrian and germans ancestors by the both side (Mutter und Vater) then I’m Deutsch because my blood is Deutsch like (maybe) you have too. Passport is not important.

  6. MidnightCologne says:

    I could understand a actual Germanic nationalist saying these things, but at best you are just a mongrel. You’re a Latin-Celtic mongrel with a few Germanic blood, that’s all. You’re probably as Germanic as a Spaniard or Frenchman

  7. MidnightCologne says:

    Are you a German just living in Italy or are you a Northern Italian?

  8. mavmab says:

  9. mavmab says:

    white race and actual german nationalist = BULLSHIT.


  10. mavmab says:

    MidnightCologne@ blöd! du bist nur ein ESEL! come back to study history!! I’m more germanic then you! Passport and land is nothing. I’m a German also if i’ve born in north Italy big donkey. Study history. Passport and Language are not the most important things. WE are BLOOD and CULTURE. My ancestors were from Deutschland and Austria. You are just a stupud frustrated ignorant who has never read something about history.

  11. mavmab says:



  12. mavmab says:

    @MidnightCologne BIG JEW: YOU ARE VERY IGNORANT. I’m FULL GERMANIC then I’m full GERMAN. you believe still to the passport! ahahah IGNORANT! GO to study HISTORY. Donkey! . I dont answer you more because you are very ignorant and you are a big clown. I dont wanna lose time with a frustrated and loser like you

  13. MidnightCologne says:

    You may have a few drops of Germanic blood, but that does not make you a full German or Germanic, Imbecile. You’re a Northern Italian, lol

  14. mavmab says:

    @MidnightCologne BIG DONKEY: I’m germanic! and this is the most important. Passport is not important because we have got by DNA and SOUL. Anyway I have ancestors from Deutschland ( Baden W. and Bayern) and Austria by the both side. I’m germanic and I deserve a Deutsch Reisenpass because my blood is germanic then ICH BIN DEUTSCH…while you deserve to study very much still.

  15. MidnightCologne says:

    You’re not even German you ding bat.

  16. mavmab says:

    Vril Bild ist falsch. Vril als andere Geselschaften war nur für der nordischer Typ von Person. Thule Geselschaft, Germanenorden, Vril Geselschaft, List Orden, Armanen Orden Dritte Reich … und so Weiter.. ware NUR für NORDISCHE Leute.(Germanischen Leute). White Race ist eine Erfindung der Zionisten.
    White Race = große Lüge.

  17. mavmab says:

    Es gibt KEINE Hoffnung für Deutschland bis wann Deutschen glauben über Europa und White Race. Wann Deutsch Volk wird denken NUR über ihm und über die alle Deutschen Personen im Ausland leben, es wird erringen die Hoffnung.

    Mach sorgen nicht über Europa!!! Sorg machen über Deutschreich.


  18. IlsaShewulff says:

    was hat der blackmetler da verloren? Varg lebt oder wie?

  19. ariana5573 says:

    nur ab 3:05 finde ich es nicht gut, schade daß das Ende sooooo ist. Ja, ja wir ach sooooooo böööösen Deutsche….. war ironisch gemeint. Weshalb wird uns so vieles vorentjhalten????? Weil Wir nie wieder erstarken sollen. Alles Neid und Mißgunst unserer “Freunde”

  20. garmserben says:

    Aber warum auf Englisch? Wir sind doch Deutsche.

  21. 1963Germania says:

    Sehr schön, Danke!

  22. ariana5573 says:

    wunderschön,Hoffnungmachend und Wohltuend. Danke

  23. sophiah88 says:

    Beautiful montage. Thank you.

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