UFO, UFOs, Nazi Connection

By , February 1, 2012 6:15 am

www.encognitive.com Millions are familiar with the so-called “Roswell Incident”, however few realize the potential Nazi connection to this unusual and enigmatic incident in America’s history. Our moon program was basically founded on the research of ONE Nazi “rocket” scientist by the name of Werner Von Braun, however many do not realize that not only rocket propulsion but also antigravity propulsion was an integral part of the Nazi space projects. Could the Nazi’s have reached the moon prior to the USA? There are even reports of Nazi ‘space’ bases on the moon… and also of massive Nazi bases under the mountains of Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica… And these reports just keep coming… Even stranger still, it is a known fact that Adolph Hitler read a book by Rosecrucian Grandmaster E. Bulwer Lytton, titled The Coming Race, about a subterraneous race which possessed supernatural technology and who, according to the novel, were intent on one day claiming the surface world for their own. Probably due to his fascination for occult legendry and of mystic tales — such as the Bhuddist’s traditions of a vast underground world called Agharti and the Hindu legends of a reptilian cavern world called Patalas, etc. — Adolph became obsessed with the novel and was apparently fanatical over the prospect of an imminent underground invasion of the surface world in the future, and wanted to make alliances with these underground races so that once they emerged he could rule the earth in
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25 Responses to “UFO, UFOs, Nazi Connection”

  1. reticulan5 says:

    My wife and I saw a glowing ball of light late one evening it descended quickly above us then stopped and hovered then it span around our apartment block exactly 3x.Strangest thing I ever saw.My 2 youngest children were in the top 3rd storey sleeping.In a few days they both got these horrible burn like scars and skin peeled off.This was in Seaford Victoria.I took my kids to Frankston Hospital and they were shocked and thought it was some skin disease or Chicken pox.Electro mag radiation ?

  2. Mengele4444 says:

    @Mengele4444 That’s all I am going to say. No questions!

  3. Mengele4444 says:

    Oh you people forget so easily. All we did was just move the projects to America and Russia. Hitler was a douche and had cancer he was going to die soon, there needed to be a change of plans. The Saurians made official contact with the Germans hosted by the Belgian government in 1917, the meeting was done under the ocean that’s why the mass production of U-Boats at the time. There were 6 meetings between the Germans and the Saurians between 1917 and 1939. Plan A fell apart, we went to Plan B.

  4. Dman1117able says:

    Forget my other comment accidentally hit enter……But my ancestors hopefully not Nazis but still smart Germans All the way Nussëë Von Schein

  5. Dman1117able says:

    My hopeful

  6. vagspelunkin says:

    If the Germans are responsible for UFO’s then they also discovered time travel . How do we have documentation through paintings & ancient scrolls / tablets of UFO encounters
    Germans might have reverse engineered some of their technology .. Otherwise BS

  7. MrBrianlowdown says:

    besides foo fighters the stuff you see in idaho and arizona , and world wide .ect i think most people can tell the difference between somthing weird our govt made or the nazi,s made. And some straight up out of this world bizzar shit things that fly thousands of miles per hour and change course .then disapear …..who did you see that go acrost the sky ? WOW THAT WAS WIERD

  8. dharmastipulate says:

    True Free energy devices exist,But some very powerfull ppl don’t want you and me to be free from energy costs,Get a motor that needs no gas or electric input at LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM ,Start the energy revolution!

  9. awesome3468 says:

    @1deanwdaniel the germans did have this technology but werent able to mass produce it because it was at the end of the war.aliens dont exist UFO technology came from germans to soviets and americans after the war americans saw how smart the germans were and had an operation named operation paperclip(get as much german scientist to america to work there) they went to area 51 and continued there technology. if you dont believe me search op DIE GLOCKE (first anti gravity device)

  10. anasshole1 says:

    @1deanwdaniel from what i have heard the weapon’s on the on these german craft could not be used for attack if you knew anything about airodinamic’s you would agree imagine this hovering craft floating in the air then fireing it’s gun’s it get’s sideway’s then upside down and crash’s do you see these ufo’s ever fly upside down no because it’s flight system they only go straight up then they just tilt the craft the way they want to go useing automatic weight’s that go all around the inside theory

  11. nephozo says:

    all the way back to ancient records you find descriptions about “ufo” objects

    it is on record nazi`s where highly interested in all kindsa “wierd” things inc this.
    when germany lost the war the high scientists and other important staff where moved to USA

  12. tim22ism says:

    nasa , it has been65 years.

  13. pochidomil says:

    q asco das XD

  14. SoyoyoS says:

    tengo sueños humedos con hitler

  15. seb2455 says:

    ww2 was all about mass producing of the most usefull weapons, What was most usefull ressource wise 6 V2 rocket or a german Uboat that will sink 10 ally ships before its downed ? A tank or a v2 rocket ? Brittain suffered non stop from 100 200 300 bombers raids V2 were insignificant for moral or winning the war . The only thing that have changed the tide of the war woulda have been A bomb devellopement used whit V2 .

  16. MrYinon says:

    this is total nonsense! ufos are grey aliens

  17. TheShadowMan2008 says:

    UFO sightings didn’t begin during WWII, but as far back as 6,000 years ago. Check out the Sumerian tales of the Annunaki, the Egyptians and even the Bible stories of flying beings.

    You know, “Chariots of the Gods” and all.

  18. TrungEdm says:

    I think they came up with the technology, but like their V-rockets, advanced aircraft, and long range missiles, they weren’t able to mass produce them?

  19. 1deanwdaniel says:

    sure the nazi tried to copy what they had seen but if they were so advanced they would of won the war..ufos are far more advanced then any thing we have or they had who ever had the technology would rule the whole world with eazz..if it was the nazi with it first right now it would be a nazi world.wake up people!!!!!!!!!

  20. asefati says:

    i always thought UFO’s were man made its was interesting how they all started after WWII.

    This is so true that a TV program showing this was stopped and swtiched programming

  21. LibertyLobbyusa says:

    oh my god!

  22. GoodGawd says:

    Great balls of fire.

  23. r3t4y5 says:

    Truth is Inside.

  24. nico74321 says:

    that was the main reason why the american invaded german.. not in the name of justice, becuse they want to stop german from making those weapons and steal their advance technology.

  25. killingthemoment says:

    very very interesting! the description is jaw dropping. Its funny how you dont learn about this stuff in school, because this is golden.

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