The Myth of The Flugscheiben,Chapter1,Part1.wmv

By , February 20, 2012 2:06 am

” Wunderwaffen” : Some technical evolutions ,as basics for so much more !?!? From New Swabia to Aldebaran !?!? IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please contact,if someone’s copyrights should be insulted,by chance !!! According Material will be removed !!!
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German Secret Weapons - Deutsche Geheimwaffen 2. WK

Ein kurzes Video über die Deutschen “Wunderwaffen”. Die wenigsten davon kamen zum Einsatz. DIESES VIDEO GLORIFIZIERT NICHT DIE MENSCHENVERACHTENDE POLITIK DER NATIONALSOZIALISTEN! Es dient lediglich informativen Zwecken. Diskussionen sind erlaubt und gewünscht, bleibt aber bitte sachlich! ********** A short movie about the so called German “Wunderwaffen” ( Wonder Weapons). Not many of them saw action in WW2. THIS VIDEO SHALL NOT GLORIFY THE POLITICS OF THE NATIONAL SOCIALISTS NOR THE ACTIONS OF THEIR AGENCIES. Discussions are allowed – but please, do not waste your breath spreading hate against each other. ********** Music: Clint Mansell – Requiem For A Dream. Ich besitze KEINE Rechte an dem Song!
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28 Responses to “The Myth of The Flugscheiben,Chapter1,Part1.wmv”

  1. carlvorman says:

    HiFreund. It is very good and interest video. I wish you good work in the way going to show the true.
     Am Ende Steht der Sieg!
    Carl von Vorman

  2. underpass100 says:

    @carlvorman Hi,Freund !! Thanx for ur kind words+interest !! work goes on !!!

  3. carlvorman says:

    Hi, Freund! It is very well video. All your videos are made profesional.The world must know true!Alles Gute mein Freund-
    Carl von Vorman

  4. DeustchBaggery says:

    FFS this isn’t requiem for a dream! What’s the name?! Does anyone know?
    Also, good video!

  5. noob4253 says:

    @BrownDeadCorpse i am :3

  6. BrownDeadCorpse says:

    @noob4253 of course thats normal but u can be proud of your gradnfather he fighted for his country and his family 😉

  7. noob4253 says:

    @BrownDeadCorpse i know but still sad f i ever watch this again

  8. BrownDeadCorpse says:

    @noob4253 dont think now i wanna make you sad or something but i think u get the point bro 😉

  9. noob4253 says:

    @BrownDeadCorpse yea ur right…… maybe yor tellin truth : /

  10. BrownDeadCorpse says:

    @noob4253 damn im really sorry but u have to understand thats war… i think ur grandfather also killed somebodys grandfather… thats just the life =(

  11. lamberto120 says:

    name of the song?

  12. halo07guy2 says:

    @fluffy1931 How am I any of that?

  13. fluffy1931 says:

    @halo07guy2 ..,what does that have to do with you being a nazi fagtard, assclown?

  14. halo07guy2 says:

    @fluffy1931 Having looked at your profile across a number of sites, I’ve come to the conclusion that you are nothing but an ignorant troll who believes the myth that the US won WW2 singlehandedly.

  15. fluffy1931 says:

    What part of this Edwin Black quote does your brain not process…?
    Again on page 11,..

    Edwin Black ‘IBM and the Holocaust’ ..,

    ” Skipping around in the book will only lead to flawed and erroneous conclusions. So if you intend to skim, or rely on selected sections, please do not read the book at all.”

  16. halo07guy2 says:

    @fluffy1931 On pg352, he outright states what I said. How hard is it for you to get that through your head?

  17. fluffy1931 says:

    @halo07guy2 ..,and again nowhere in Edwin Black ‘IBM and the Holocaust’ does anything similar to what you pulled out of your butt and passed off as what Edwin Black meant or presented appears in his book.
    Pls. regurgitate more passages

    Again on page 11,..
    Edwin Black ‘IBM and the Holocaust’ ..,

    ” Skipping around in the book will only lead to flawed and erroneous conclusions. So if you intend to skim, or rely on selected sections, please do not read the book at all.”

  18. halo07guy2 says:

    @fluffy1931 I love how you call others a dumbfuck when you put words into other people’s mouths, jump to conclusions, and apparently can’t read.

    If you actually read my post, you’ll notice that I never said it was a direct qoute. That’s the thesis he presents. And he does indeed say something similar to that on pg352.

    If you can’t wrap your mind around that, then you need to bak to school. And still, you ignore that I keep including the other companies, Bayer and Siemens.

  19. fluffy1931 says:

    @halo07guy2 ..,dumbfuck- read your own post?

    this is you dumbfuck,….

    “You also forgot that in that same book, the author says that the Holocaust would not have been as successful as it was without IBM.”

    ..,above is from your post not from Edwin Black the author of ‘IBM and the Holocaust’.
    pls gtfoh

  20. halo07guy2 says:

    @fluffy1931 I never said that was qoute. It’s the thesis he presented. By the way, take a look at pg352 of that book.

    “without IBM’s machinery, continuing upkeep and service, as well as the supply of punch cards, whether located on-site or off-site, Hitler’s camps could have never managed the numbers they did.”

    And in any case, I never said it was just about IBM. Why do keep ignoring the other companies, Bayer and Siemens?

  21. fluffy1931 says:

    @halo07guy2 ..,and again you lifted work from ‘IBM and the Holocaust’, authored by Edwin Black
    on page 11′ his quote which you omitted ,..” Make no mistake the Holocaust would still have occurred without IBM.”

    You dumbfuck! Pulled the below quote out of your ass ..,

    “You also forgot that in that same book, the author says that the Holocaust would not have been as successful as it was without IBM.”

    No. Edwin Black nowhere in his book ‘IBM and the Holocaust’ wrote the above .

  22. halo07guy2 says:

    @fluffy1931 Can you read? i said that it wasn’t just IBM. You hear IBM, and you immediately think that the entire thing is stealing from one book, despite the fact that the book doesn’t even mention Bayer or Siemens.

    And of course, I must be a “nazi fagtard” if I point out that SEVERAL COMPANIES, NOT JUST IBM, were complicit in the Holocaust. I never said that that absolves the nazis. You are claiming I did. Learn to debate, learn to argue, And for god’s sake grow up.

  23. fluffy1931 says:

    @halo07guy2 ..,this isn’t a debate assclown.
    it’s the internets.
    You and porty500 can ‘cross swords’ in the mens room and share a tissue.
    ..,grow some hair on your balls nazi fagtard.
    Your point is not even original .
    Again check your ‘borrowed’ arguement & facts there were done before and better by ‘IBM and the Holocaust’, author Edwin Black published in 2001′.
    Your not clever or original and your rant is out of date dumbfuck.

  24. halo07guy2 says:

    @fluffy1931 By the way, you carry yourself very poorly in debates, as I have noticed by checking your comment history. You repeated resort to insults. As porty500 said: “Rudeness is a sign of a dimwit, and you sir fit the bill to a T”.

    It isn’t a directionless rant. You were the one asseritng that I’m some kind of Nazi apologetic for simply pointing out thtat several companies were complicit in the Holocaust. Overzealous much?

  25. halo07guy2 says:

    @fluffy1931 I listed, IBM, Bayer, and Siemens, not jsut IBM. I’m not using someone elses argument. And in any case, would call condeming IBM for the same reason using someone else’s argument. You also forgot that in that same book, the author says that the Holocaust would not have been as successful as it was without IBM.

    I am not taking any of the blame away from Nazi Germany. I am simply stating that several companies were complicit in it. You were the one who interpeted it as apologetic

  26. fluffy1931 says:

    @halo07guy2 ..,no you tried to use somebody elses arguement. See author Edwin Black book ‘IBM and the Holocaust’, published in 2001′. He does it better than you and is more original and on page 11 “Make no mistake – the Holocaust would have occurred without IBM.
    Your directionless rant about computers and IBM somehow lets off the hook that Nazi Germany was responsible for state sponsered genocide prior & during WW2 has already been done before.
    pls. gtfoh assclown.

  27. halo07guy2 says:

    @fluffy1931 Hell, your effectively arguing that since 2005, IBM hs no longer worked on the further development of computers. Wrong.

    What I’m saying is that regardless of manufacturer, most computers uses IBM technollogy in it. Hell IBM released just last year their new nanophotonic microchip. Are you telling me that personal computers won’t use this IBM technollogy in it in the near future?

  28. halo07guy2 says:

    @fluffy1931 I’m not some kind of nazi apologist. I haven’t even made any statement remotely like that.

    By the way, your claming that since the Chinese bought the computer division, that suddenly all IBM developments in computer technollogy prior to 2005 are no longer IBM developmnets, but Lenovo developments.

    What I’m saying is that IBM, being one of the creators of modern computing technollogy, is the origin of technollogy used by nearly all computers today.

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