Kenny Rogers – Ruby (Live 02.03.1972)

By , April 9, 2012 2:46 am

Live 1972
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24 Responses to “Kenny Rogers – Ruby (Live 02.03.1972)”

  1. xxxJAMESxxxDANIELxxx says:

    fair play 2 him if he is ;-)

  2. miskorsome says:

    this guy looks like my grandad

  3. meganeguard says:

    well, she was forty years ago at least 🙂

  4. Fastman1954 says:

    Wow! that girl out front is a hottie! Great legs!! Great voice!

  5. human067 says:

    his is a awesome bassist

  6. dasboot19801 says:

    I’m not a country music fan, but this is a beautiful song. His backup singers have sweet voices.

  7. redtony58 says:

    this is just plain badass

  8. itsallrigid says:

    ‘extremely difficult- Kenny’s skill at singing lead while holding down that bass melody.
    Not his song, but its reworked structure and riffs are all his !…too bad he went on to cash in on crap for the masses… , why not

  9. ross121670 says:

    I was thinking I had never heard that one either. Then I really thought about it, and believe in the late 60’s and/or 70’s that was said for someone just a bit to “HIGH”, you might say! However I am 41, so the 70’s were in my early childhood (0-10 years old, born 1970) so I am not 100% sure it was, though it triggered a memory from childhood, like I said.

  10. mainmedic says:

    Same here  although I don’t really consider this to be country song. Maybe I’m wrong in my interpretation but it doesn’t really matter because it’s still a kick ass song

  11. honeythief98 says:

    Class. Thanks for upload.

  12. RainerGoetzendorf says:

    I adore Kenny Rogers and so many of his songs (Ruby,Lucille, Mother country Music – great)

  13. musclecarluvr1 says:

    Where in my comment did I say anything about he was faking? Kenny Rogers dosen’t fake anything.

  14. dirkschuitsma says:

    You think he is faking? Might be… It was just before he went solo.

  15. swlabr21 says:

    No matter what, it always helps to have a girl in a small skirt on stage. Just sayin.

  16. frank47hammer says:

    Yes, I’ve got it now.

  17. therealdude1 says:

    – a giraffe’s ass is plenty high.

  18. 7425park says:

    nice chicki picink

  19. bigrider2806 says:

    you paints up your rosy tits and curled your pubic hair , ruby are you contemplating fucking off somewhere ? they just dont write stuff like that any more !

  20. frank47hammer says:

    Took me a second but I got it. Never heard that one before

  21. theeverfair says:

    you could blindfold him with a piece of dental floss.

  22. Didderly says:

    Naaa not Bass…..Mullet lol i knew the mop on his head was the name of some fish !!

  23. Didderly says:

    Fantastic version, Kennys Bass hogging the song sounds perfect,…..

  24. ajohal154 says:

    lol this reminds me of Will Sasso and Kenny Rogers Jackass/Punkd

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