V3 Rocket Mimoyecques Kampa VCD

By , October 14, 2012 8:50 pm

V3 Rocket Mimoyecques Kampa VCD

V3 Abschussanlage in Mimoyecques im Pas de Calais in Nordfrankreich. Einzige Anlage für die so genannte Mehrkammerkanone, Tarnname Hochdruckpumpe (HDP). Von Wolfgang Kampa

I'm in the 9th Grade... You Can't Stop me From Becoming a Pokemon Master!

I uploaded this a while back before I got banned, and am now reuploading it in honor of the 15th anniversary of Pokemon. It’s a hilarious parody of Victoria’s episode on the Maury show. Enjoy!
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33 Responses to “V3 Rocket Mimoyecques Kampa VCD”

  1. blakbanshee says:

    Can someone walk up to where the hatches for the cannons would be or is it off limits?

  2. shotfirer1972 says:

    3min 56secs, V2/3 fuel tank?? Excellent videos thank you very much for posting!

  3. tjorvenxD0o01ste says:

    ive been there 2 years ago it looks like it had a big clean 🙂

  4. charissis1967 says:

    hallo wolfgang ,mein bester, schön deine stimme zu hören, liebe grüsse ari

  5. davy13682 says:

    its in nord pas de calais , france not far from some other german bunkers as blockhaus and la coupoule.you can visit them in one day

  6. edlichanimation says:

    ‘very nice video! Where is this??

  7. foudurail says:

    Nice vidéo!

  8. Immelmann3690 says:

    Gut gemacht und interessant.

  9. AnOrdinaryUKGirl says:

    An even better argument!

  10. SuperWunderwaffen says:

    Actually Ash was 10.

  11. AnOrdinaryUKGirl says:

    Hey, ash was like 13, so in all fairness, Her mom should at least let her have a pikachu

  12. CristianJesusBustos says:

    Man, will she go mad when she finds out how many Pokémon Ash has.

  13. superpan508 says:

    Shes a real royal bitch

  14. ISupportMetal666 says:

    She’s to young to have a pokemon

  15. MrWhodenie says:

    Haha This Funny As Hell……

  16. RayneNightrose says:

    I tried to get a Pokemon when I was 15 too. My mom put me in rehab =(

  17. ninjaquirrle99 says:


  18. TheRocker727 says:

    isn’t it ironic that the video “The Most Screwed-up 15 year old in the world”
    is 18+ only ?

  19. jetsu kamasita says:


  20. A Crizzleh Bear says:

    Fucking a slut?

    Tough guy over hurr.

  21. lewisgonzalez95 says:


  22. StrangerThanMostShow says:

    This made me laugh so fuckin’ hard. Thank you… lulz

  23. chance021699 says:

    ” gunna have me a * black person voice

  24. Jimmy Page says:

    In spite of that fucking annoying voice, this girl is royally fuckable. Very nice babe.

  25. Jimmy Page says:

    LMFAO :))

  26. LuigiMario112 says:

    Best EVER

  27. xKyoya says:


    I wanna be a Pokemon Trainer ;n;

  28. that18yearoldkid says:

    lots of niggers in the audience. guess thats what happens when you give out free tickets to a show

  29. proberts175 says:

    f*cking kick ass

  30. dakodajbraswell says:

    Hahahaha dude this just got amazing

  31. Alternaitquet says:


  32. AlienRadioSignal says:

    u sir r genius, i feel so bad for the mom but holy shit this was fucking funny. my favorite pokemon is lugia

  33. SallyStitches89 says:

    Let the girl catch em’ all!!!

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