Kriegsmarine disappeared after the war

By , October 29, 2012 11:21 pm

Kriegsmarine disappeared after the war…?
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  1. cek01105 says:

    I agree with you.
    I think we can all be happy Hitler made those 6 or 7 large mistakes in war.
    But if he had headed the Generals and the Admirals advice and waited until 1945
    I fear there would have been no way of stopping the German armed forces. The technology was already about 25-30 years ahead of the rest of the world.

  2. MYRWX says:

    I have a tremendous amount of Respect & Admiration for the Kriegsmarine and the British Navy. The German Navy needed more time to prepare for WW II and the action that followed. I often wonder if the outcome would of been different had the Kriegsmarine begun the War with the number of Surface Ships and Submarines needed to properly engage the Allies. The Tirpitz and Bismarck will always be my favorite ships.

  3. SuperGleb777 says:

    Das boot the best Film about germans boot!

  4. soibon says:

    Type: XXL
    Displacement: 1,621 tonnes standard 2,100 tonnes full load
    Length:76.7 m Beam: 8 m Draught:5.3 m Propulsion:Diesel/Electric
    2× MAN M6V40/46KBB diesel engine.,4,000 PS 2× SSW GU365/30 E-engine.5,000 PS 2× SSW GV232/28 silent runing e- motors, 226 PS Speed: Surfaced:15.6kn(diesel) 17.9 kn (electric) Submerged: 17.2 kn(electric) 6.1 kn(silent runing motors) Range: Surfaced: 15,500 nmi at 10 kn
    Submerged: 340 nmi at 5 kn
    Complement: 57men Armament:6 × torpedo tubes 4 x 20 mm cannon

  5. soibon says:

    Type XXI U-boats, also known as “Elektroboote”, were the first submarines designed to operate entirely submerged, rather than as surface ships that could submerge as a temporary means to escape detection or launch an attack
    The key improvement in the Type XXI was greatly increased battery capacity, roughly three times that of the Type VIIC. This gave these boats enormous underwater range, and dramatically reduced the time spent near the surface.

  6. soibon says:

    Ihr verfuckten Ami idioten!
    1943 wurden neue UBoote konzepiert und getestet,leider reichten die Deutschen Ressorcen(rohstoffe,Personal) nicht mehr aus fuer eine erfolgreiche Wiederaufnahme der ,,Schlacht im Atlantik,,die eine Wende gebracht haette.
    Da waren die ausgezeichneten U Boote der Typ Klasse XXi & XXlll,die ersten reinen Unterwasserboote der Geschichte.
    Waeren diese in Massen 1944 in die Schlacht geworfen worden,haette die,,Overlord,, Operation erst gar nicht staatgefunden.

  7. davvvvo says:

    and had the crossandblack uniforms

  8. Wolfen443 says:

    @tvain86,an American Weimar Republic is coming, and Sarath Palin is going to be our Fuhrer or maybe Hillary our Stalin. Never mind Obama, he is just to selfish to care about the future probably, or to unready to make the right decisions to save it.

  9. tvain86 says:

    wooow so knowledge is bad now….. no wonder america is where it is right now… the country with the weakest economy and with the highest debt in the world due to your “federal” reserve bank being a private bank… congrats the way that you are going… you lot will not have a life in a few years time

  10. 2degucitas says:

    Note to self: audiopepe’s videos are all propagandist crap. Do not watch! He distorts history!

  11. hamsandvich says:

    lol both the highest rated comments are posted by nerds that need to get a real life lol

  12. ghostman3331 says:

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  13. ghostman3331 says:

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  14. Leif Leppala says:

    the ss were actually better equpied

  15. dortyhoor says:

    Im not German either but I just like practising it, try to tell myself I learnt something of value in school.
    The thought of all those idiots buying I/Q’s scares me, I hate to think what they might do with them!

  16. Soma874 says:

    It’s cool I’m not even German. It’s just that BullshittoWhiner hasn’t even got the fail-troll skills to do the 5 seconds of ‘research’ it takes to look at my profile. Poor guy, it’s a shame u can’t buy I.Q points really Lotto if u had a few million dollars it might get you out of the minuses : S

  17. dortyhoor says:

    ‘lottowinner999’ ist ein American kamefful.

  18. Soma874 says:

    Actually you’re talking out of your…hat. You need to read further than an American high school grade of history to get a cohesive and realistic picture of ww2. Buy more books with your imaginary lottery money, then you might at least begin to sound convincing when you start spewing your childlike history lessons.

  19. seapeddler says:

    Obviously you need attention in the form of a reply. What prompted your speculative opium/LSD flagrancy? What don’t you belive in?

  20. seapeddler says:

    Ok, I’ll watch it. But the rocket was a re-invention of tech that existed prior to the Atlantis cayaclysm. ‘Ancient’ wars were fought with scalar wave tech. A most severe blast from the pyramid could explode a planet via. sound energy.
    The reflected beam from the pyramids destroyed whole cites. Lonar crater in India is supposedly a result of the pyramid beam. The area is vitrified. Anyway, the Babylonians wasted no time on rockets.

  21. seapeddler says:

    Another angle to the story is that they were all working together to make massive profits by selling arms. VIrginia Company, of England, still supposedly owns the U.S. Hitler, a Rothschild came from bloodlines formerly from England. Rothschilds were originally ‘Bauers’. If they said ‘war’ everybody jumped ! Rockets existed well before Robert Goddard, or Tsiolkovsky.Perhaps wars were being fought over Earths’ bounty 100 000 yrs. ago. Galaxy=100000 LY’s, WW2=teensy scam.

  22. GodHatesWar says:

    The reason the US were able to do this is that they got radar from Great Brittain, and the English men had already wiped out most of the Luftwaffe. And when the US invaded France they had help from Canada and Great Brittain. And during the European campaign, the US got help from Russia, Canada Great Brittain.


    Good Video well documented
     nice music : ) congratulation

  24. Soma874 says:

    That’s a pretty simple, myopic view.
    Actually in terms of troops and technology, the Germans at that time were way more advanced than any of the allies.
    As for “The USAF completely destroyed the Luftwaffe etc” …… *Rolls eyes*

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