New Swabia News (NSN) I

By , March 13, 2011 4:46 pm

About development of the third Reich in the field of “UFOs” today it is known. However questions in the course of time does not become less. How much Germans have succeeded in it? Who helped them? Whether works have been curtailed after war or have proceeded in other, secret areas of globe? How much there correspond to the validity hearings what nazis had contact to extraterrestrial civilizations?
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New Swabia News (NSN) II
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  1. TonyDucats says:

    I’m not a Nazi, actually I find their views on genetics to be quite ridiculous and their crimes against people they viewed as inferior (yet somehow controlled the worlds banks and governments) but I wish this was true, the Nazi’s were like the Romans or the Empire in Star Wars and if they have a country in Antarctica full of UFOs and other high techs, well that would just be awesome

  2. DL1RMP says:

    @OI0BERBERJESUS0IO Sorry, aber auf Deinem Kanal ist nichts mehr als fremdbestimmte Werbung. Was soll das denn ? Ich glaube, daß Du das besser aufbereiten kannst. Maik !

  3. DL1RMP says:

    Interesting. The first question is, how we will tell this the other people ? 😉

  4. xLanKx says:

    i love these conspiracy theories… great pieces of fiction ;}

  5. 14Srb88 says:

    This whole video seems like a bunch of ranting,altought I wish it was truth…

  6. ballsoffury98 says:

    These videos are good, music is good, BUT PLEASE, NO MORE SCROLLING TEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! having to read moving words constantly, while trying to focus on the pictures that these words are RUINING, is giving me a headache. Maybe some of your videos were removied by YT because they were making people sick?

  7. TheOfficialPokemonTV says:

    It is true durh durh durrhh , Nazis are still making the ufo in new swabia near the coast of brazil …Hitler died in Peru in 1987 from disease ..

  8. Tw1St3DSt33L says:

    i wouldnt be in fear of getting mugged by foreign gangs anymore. plus governments would have to WASTE BILLIONS each year for refugees

  9. XxXGermanMartinMBXxX says:

    This is great!!


    Entschuldigung – ich konnt’s mir nicht verkneifen…

    Diese Idioten kann man doch eh nicht überzuegen. Dann erschrecke ich sie leiber ein bisschen… 😉

  11. sirixxxx says:

    Du glaubst ernsthaft das das nicht erfunden ist? lol

  12. sirixxxx says:

    Do you really believe this? Things would be different for sure, but the people would not be happier, they would live in fear. No doubt that nazi stuff is stigmatized in our countrys, but apart this you only believe what you want to believe, and I believe in the facts.

  13. zuluforyou says:

    You’re the one who needs to stop judging the nazi’z on american based propaganda. If the Nazi’s won the war we’d be more advanced than now. And happier and more full of love

  14. egotumy31 says:


  15. Subspace4d says:

    Bist du einer von den Leuten aus Neuschwabenland oder nennt ihr euch Neuberliner? Also gibt es euch wirklich oder ist das alles erfunden? Und was habt ihr mit den Ausländern in alt Deutschland vor?

  16. rulix89 says:

    chingue asu madre

  17. sirixxxx says:

    a chance? you know nothing about the german past, otherwise you would note write such bullshit, im sure the insane nazis would had put guys like YOU in a KZ, so think about whats good about this shit

  18. svennio says:

    I wish this was true…then the world would still have a chance !


    Ja, wir waren erfolgreich damit…
    und nächstes Jahr graben wir unsere “Arktis-UFOs” aus und reißen die Weltherrschaft an uns! Wir werden euch alle vernichten! *muahahahaha*

    Ihr TROTTEL! ^^

  20. spilledinsanity says:

    then what would that one book twighlight be teaching the youth? its about vampires and werewolves but they arent portrayed as evil or so ive heard…

  21. spilledinsanity says:

    i knew it! damm im glad people are still thinking. i try to find one in every movie

  22. THEDARKMINK says:

    Hiperborean bases isla frienship and city of cesars.

  23. THEDARKMINK says:

    yes but Chris carter made a mistake with his first movie, and the story bacame a bit odd, alien virus transmited by bees…well for me that is masive bullshit desinformation, just like the last movie of indiana Jones, George Lucas gave Spielberg the idea taken from the book “Chronicles of Akakor” just a copy and paste, and then changed the nazis with russians and the name Akakor with Akator. And they forgot to say that the skull in real life was discovered in Akanis panama. Akahim is the other..

  24. THEDARKMINK says:

    That`s true, but also there is Bariloche (i live there) Argentina, and Puerto Varas Chile, very close cityes of los andes patagonia, and i have to say that i have seen many ufos like Haunebu and vril there, and the activity of foo fighters or balls of light in the mountains is big!. An investigation in chile showed some info about an island called “frienship” that is believed to be an “hiperborean” base, but the army couldnt find it, or they have the secret, many witnesses think they are germans

  25. Superappo says:

    Under the reign of Adolf Hitler, most aryan germans considered themselves as a superior race. But I don’t know if it was that he ment.

    But does the legacy still live on between Germany and jews? Are they still planning to fight each other? And for what?

  26. beyondenchanted says:

    The red scrolling text is EXTREMELY hard to read. Can you rework this? The research is excellent, I’d like to be able to read and repost it.

    See Alternative News Forum.

  27. hanfbuir says:

    die nazis kommen zurück um deutschland zu befreien


  28. DL1RMP says:

    @alexindk Vielleicht richtig. Aber warte bis 2018 !

  29. icamescope says:

    Dear DL1RMP, am I look ‘overstimate’? Sorry for. but please observe the present events and do your conclusions…. Icamescope (I wrotew you earlier but I forgot your code)

  30. icamescope says:

    My dear, thanks for your comment…..Your english is enough rich to honour my questions…. No that really I patronize anyone of the involved parties but…the present global situation doesn’t seems grow from nothing.
    I insist, Allies’s policies were since, before IIWW, calculating the present precariousness. God, the real one, help us ! Your Fighter.

  31. DL1RMP says:

    Auf dieses Video antworten…
    I don´t trust. But there is no Use for this until now, if you understand me. It seems like, that you are a fighter as am I too. Okay, no Problem. I nothing have against you. I am found your arguments and think that my english knowledge is not so bat, that it doesn´t allow you to understand me. Right ?! Better we are talking about, as other stuff. I know, my friend, that I am writing here directly via “YouTube” to you. Berlin, we need more storage.

  32. DL1RMP says:

    @icamescope Wait ! And please don´t overestimate you. Okay ?!

  33. DL1RMP says:

    @NETER420 Schön, daß Du in deutsch antwortest. Ich bin auch Deutscher und stolz darauf, was nicht heißen soll, daß ich andere Nationen diskriminiere. GEZ gibt es nur hier. In Österreich und anderen europäischen Staaten gibt es diese “Abzocke” nicht. Was tut der “deutsche Michel” dagegen ? Was tut er gegen seine monatliche Rechnung für Gottschalk und Konsorten ? Das Programm ist doch so primitiv angelegt, daß es keiner mehr guckt, der ein bißchen nachdenkt. Richtig ?!

  34. icamescope says:

    wander !!!
    Only few weks of delay and BERLIN could be free from the qllies invasion….and us from the Israel Millennia… Icamescope,

  35. germaniajim says:

    I just had a thought and that is i wondered to what extent german culture had in helping beethoven, mozart and other great germans to write this music, It reeks of german living and germans doing germans things unique to only its culture, I also like the fact iit is the only place on earth one does not have to endure that ugly screech of the bagpipe, If someone played one at my funeral I would come back , kill em, and back to me grave,

  36. NETER420 says:

    @DL1RMP niemand muss GEZ bezahlen…;O)

  37. DL1RMP says:

    Why, by God is it not in the Media if it is true ? For what I schouldt to pay perhaps for the so called “GEZ” ? Answer !

  38. ghostman3331 says:

    @NazitrapSS whateva we stole yo shit man deal with it and we will steal it again. idiots.

  39. danstaz28 says:


  40. JD98SharpShooter says:

    You fucking retard. Its the Rooski’s that have all the ice, not the Nazi’s…Stupid hick talking about flying saucers that really helps this case.

  41. sophiah88 says:

    Those who do not grasp even the basics of Occultism cannot understand
    what Hitler was or that the NSDAP was the leading wave for world transformation. HIS words:

    “Do you now appreciate the depth of our
    National Socialist Movement?
    Can there be anything greater and more
    all comprehending?
    Those who see in National Socialism
    nothing more than a political movement
    know scarcely anything of it.
    It is more even than religion;
    it is the will to create mankind anew.”

    – Adolf Hitler

  42. ghostman3331 says:

    @Trustds07 I admit germans are a very bright race i was taught that as a kid in school in america so it must be true can you believe they actually taught us that germans were smart as hell in grade school in the 60s in the u.s. they also taught us stolen german tech or spoils of war tech that the u.s.stole off germany after the war and how through cross tech from u.s. ufo tech stolen off various et crashes and shoot downs integrated into german ufo tech a supership was devised now US ARSENAL

  43. Trustds07 says:

    @ghostman3331 the american took all scientist from germany to USa that they built such things – werner von Braun is the best example for it! the usa had most techs from german scientists!

  44. Freimaurer01796 says:

    @all american peaple …hello from germany!-don´t forget : Wernher von Braun was one of the most important rocket developers and champions of space exploration during the period between the 1930s and the 1970s. The son of a minor German noble, Magnus Maximilian von Braun, the young space flight enthusiast was born in Wilintz, Germany, on March 23, 1912. …and 1000s of ing.go after the 2WW to america and make the Nasa history!!!!!!!

  45. SimpsonFan82 says:

    Sie werden bedroht…von ungeziefer….

  46. 007bond66 says:


  47. ghostman3331 says:

    this guy bird who was a generalor some shit lied on his first expididion to the north pole so lets guess he lied again when he went to the south pole it all common knowledge common germans you dont have the feuher in the south pole wake up i know your smarter than that lets work together to make a white world and not all the crap byrd lied when he went south there is no hanubusses but there is american high tech area 51 aircraft that is german in design which is awesome so submit

  48. NazitrapSS says:

    U know that the Americans have their ”ufo” tech form Nazi’s !!!
    U little amerikanishe kind !!!

  49. ghostman3331 says:

    @NETER420 your video does throw a lugwrench in government propaganda on what observed flying objects are and where they are from thanks

  50. NETER420 says:


    well – you could be right. there are so many levels …. it is not easy to make a clear statement.

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