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By , March 17, 2011 6:56 am

MISSING GERMAN U-BOOTS of WWII The documents of capitulation of the German War Might of the 7th of May in 1945 and of the 9th of May in 1945 finished indeed the struggles, but not the existence of the German Empire. The government of the empire became arrested on the 23rd of May in 1945. A peace treaty was not signed, neither with the FRG nor with the former GDR, and is lacking until today. The Federal Constitution Court in Karlsruhe (President Prof. Dr. Jutta Limbach) decided on 31st of July in 1973 [BVerfGE Bd. 36, 1-37 (LT1-9) BGBl I 1973, 1058] and on the 21st of October in 1987 [Bd.77, S.137150154160167] unanimous and how intended, that the German Empire in 1945 not perished but continued. Page 15 to 16: … “The Grundgesetz (Basic Law) — not only a thesis of the International Law and of the State Law sees that the German Empire outlasted the breakdown of 1945 and neither perished by the capitulation nor by the exertion of foreign state power in Germany by the allied occupation mights nor perished later; this is to recognize from the preamble, from article 16, article 23, article 116 and article 146 of the Basic Law. This corresponds to the jurisdiction of the Federal Constitution Court in which the senat persists. … The German Empire (see eg BVerfG, 1956-08-17, 1 BvB 2/51, BVerfGE 2, 266 (277); 3288 (319f); 5,85 (126); 6309, 336, 363) owns still competence in law, but is as whole state not able to act by itself because of lacking organization, especially because
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  1. DL1RMP says:

    @NETER420 Hm, Du hast Recht. M. E. dank Schäuble und Konsorten. Aber schaun wir ´mal, wie wir in Österreich immer gesagt haben. Gruß ! Maik

  2. NETER420 says:

    @DL1RMP mhhh – habe ich noch nicht erlebt bei meinen vid’s – aber danke fuer den hinweis…

    chinesische verhaeltnisse haben wir ja ehhh – mitlerweile…. was die zensur betrift… 🙂

  3. DL1RMP says:

    Das Merkwürdige ist, m. E. Warum bekomme ich immer wieder die Message: “Dieses Video ist in Ihrem Land nicht verfügbar.” Kann mir das jemand ´mal erklären ?

  4. WillSing4Label says:

    @flytomars2012 They Can’t , They would just Die , Because They Don’t Have Enough Strong Weapons , And Research , When their ready , .. Their Ready

  5. lazifol says:

    there are huge warm water lakes and rivers, and wast (even half mile or so high) ‘air bubbles’ in the depth of the antarctic ice

  6. flytomars2012 says:

    why are they still hiding there instead of ruling the planet?

  7. QuickSixx says:

    Well but is it possible to build something there in the years of 1940? I saw films where some researchers said its impossible. That they could not bring all the food, resources, energy and people who build it there. All this in 1940-45 was impossible. What do they eat? How do they have power? And even there is very cold!

  8. NETER420 says:

    Antarctica is full of recources. Just 2 month ago – there was an artikel going through the media – that there are 108 lakes under the antartic.

  9. QuickSixx says:

    This is intresting, but they just could not built a secret base under the ice. From what? No resources at all only ice and snow. Impossible!
    Also i heard that Hitler left Berlin with a flying source or what.

  10. morgre says:

    At least six of the german subs where sunck by the Norwegians on different places of the Norwegian coast and used by The Norwegian marine after the war.
    My father was stationed in one of theme

  11. NETER420 says:

    No it did not!

  12. d0dge25 says:

    16) That is why there is no real CONSTITUTION in the FRG – we only have been given the “basic constitutional law” OK’ed by the allies in 1949 (for the FRG)
    17) That’s why the gov. of FRG badly wants the Lisbon Treaty signed to end their own legitimative dilemma.
    18) That’s why there is NO referendum in the FRG for EU issues

    19) That’s why we have to STAND UP and get our country back to FINALLY settle the peace treaty -> which would dissolve the UN!

    …not gonna happen, I’m affraid

  13. d0dge25 says:


    12) were extracted to the allies military and clandestine organisations
    13) the western border issue of Poland was postponded until a peace negotiation with the state of Germany which still exists but has no administration ( FRG is NOT the government of Germany as a whole!)
    14) in 1990 there was NO RE-UNION per say
    15) it was the EXPANSION of the FRG by the soviet zone (GDR) – still NO new state was formed …this is the status quo today

    final post coming up…

  14. d0dge25 says:

    9) due to the territorial gain of USSR against Poland (remember: Stalin invaded, too) eastern Germany was put under polish protectorat – thus the whole Poland was moved to the west
    10) eastern germans were forced out, raped and murdered. 2.5 mio died from this “civilised evacuation”
    11) meanwhile the NSDAP heads were hung or sentenced to life but the REAL Nazis like the heads of IG Farben got away with 4 years and went back to their posts ( like Fritz ter Meer -> head of IG Auschwitz)


  15. d0dge25 says:

    4) S.H.A.E.F. defined “Germany” in the borders of 12/31/1937 and statet that there will be no annexations
    5) Germany was split into the 4 occupation zones (I don’t do deeper on New Swabia)
    6) The western zone (Tri-zone) and the middle zone (soviet zone) were taken to RE-ORGANISE their respective territories OF Germany under control of the ally that was in charge of that particular part.
    7) No new german nation states were formed!
    8) 2 zones of Germany got re-organised


  16. d0dge25 says:

    This is one of my expertises:

    1) The military forces surrendered unconditionaly
    2) The Government (Dönitz Administration) never surrendered b/c they were taken into custody by allied forces -> never signed a capitulation of Germany
    3) Until today there’s no formal peace treaty between the nationstate of Germany (not the FRG!) and the Allies (i.e. all UN charta nations ) ….continued…

  17. NETER420 says:

    weimar republic – yes – as well called 2tes DEUSCHES REICH. The Third Reich was never a State – it was a dictatorship – and never had the status of a state – by the way – if you go to NY – go to the UN Building – in the hall is a map of the world (without antartica) and have a close look on germany – here you also have to make some researche about the UN – you know why when etc.

    good luck :O)

    you are free – in what you believe ore not.

  18. s0undActivist says:

    well no again… from 1919 to 1933 is the weimar republic. then the third reich, which has nothing to do with the first or second german empire.
    third reich was beaten in ww2, and representatives of the third reich signed the unconditional surrender to the allied and russian forces. and no, the nazis aren’t hiding in antarctica and aren’t flying giant saucers. you should try sci fi, i thing it fits best to you.

  19. NETER420 says:

    that was the first german empire – the sec. german empire is from 1919 till today!

    every nation has his symbol – it must appear on the passport cover! if not – you can be put in jail on every airport (int.)

  20. s0undActivist says:

    no it doesn’t. and the eagle as a symbol is way older than the so called “german empire” itself. Charlemagne stole it from the romans. also what you call “german empire” is NOT what you are talking about in the video… german empire was from 1871 to 1918.

  21. NETER420 says:

    as you can read on the side – the german empire does exist! also today – every german passport has the eagle of the german empire on its cover! that is by international law … and the german embassies.
    as well as every german has the nationality of the german emoire – there is and was never a “STAATSBÜRGERSCHAFT” of the “BRD ore eng. FRG…

  22. s0undActivist says:

    Jodl signed the document… he was appointed for this purpose as a representative for the new reich president… Karl Donitz.. he signed for the “unconditional surrender” of ALL german forces.

    as chief of state, donitz doesn’t have to sign the document, but instead can choose to send a representative. that’s what he did. the “german empire” ended on this day.

  23. NETER420 says:

    hi, yes it is a little difficult to look through this things – because it has been brainwashed out of our view.

    and you are right – germany is stll occupied 73.000 us and 4.500 british…

    but a act of surrender has to be signed… and that happend to be by 3 parts of the german wehrmacht in land that was occupied by the germans…

    the great admiral doenitz has never signed the documents of capitulation for the german empire!!!

    and this is – what the NSN are about!!!
    THX for watching

  24. s0undActivist says:

    “a peace treaty was not signed”

    it wasn’t a peace treaty, it was an act of capitulation, big difference.

    ” the german empire has never surrendered” hm excuse me ?? Germany lost all of its colonies and the country was divided.. each half occupied by a foreign powers, if you don’t call this a surrender well please explain what is it then.

  25. JiggaLan82 says:

    i forgot.. he wasn`t in the wehrmacht directly..but i dont want to say in what an organization he was… i only will say he was a good human being.. one think i found very interesting….
    if my grandfather goes in captivity they dont decrease his weapons… and still salutated .. yes american soldiers were salute…. i never belief in that… ^^

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