New Swabia News (NSN) VI

By , March 24, 2011 7:59 pm

Bundesanzeiger Nr. 148 5.8.1952 über Antarktisexpedition 1938/39 mit NSL Namen The documents of capitulation of the German War Might of the 7th of May in 1945 and of the 9th of May in 1945 finished indeed the struggles, but not the existence of the German Empire. The government of the empire became arrested on the 23rd of May in 1945. A peace treaty was not signed, neither with the FRG nor with the former GDR, and is lacking until today. The Federal Constitution Court in Karlsruhe (President Prof. Dr. Jutta Limbach) decided on 31st of July in 1973 [BVerfGE Bd. 36, 1-37 (LT1-9) BGBl I 1973, 1058] and on the 21st of October in 1987 [Bd.77, S.137150154160167] unanimous and how intended, that the German Empire in 1945 not perished but continued. Page 15 to 16: … “The Grundgesetz (Basic Law) — not only a thesis of the International Law and of the State Law sees that the German Empire outlasted the breakdown of 1945 and neither perished by the capitulation nor by the exertion of foreign state power in Germany by the allied occupation mights nor perished later; this is to recognize from the preamble, from article 16, article 23, article 116 and article 146 of the Basic Law. This corresponds to the jurisdiction of the Federal Constitution Court in which the senat persists. … The German Empire (see eg BVerfG, 1956-08-17, 1 BvB 2/51, BVerfGE 2, 266 (277); 3288 (319f); 5,85 (126); 6309, 336, 363) owns still competence in law, but is as whole state not

Very Important : If someone’s copyrights should be injured,by chance,please contact us!! This material will be removed , at once !!! The Trailer for the coming Docu-Series about this Myth of the : Dt.Flugscheiben !!! Including all aspects from Aldebaran to Vril …
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  1. DL1RMP says:

    @Cloudjumper Okay NETER420, ich denke, daß ich in deutsch schreiben kann, auch wenn ich Dich in englisch auch verstehe. Vieles ist richtig, aber:
    1. ) hat mit der Auflösung der Volkskammer der DDR am 17. 7. 1990 spätestens auch das Grundgesetz seine Gültigkeit bzw. Grundlage verloren gehabt,

    2.) Gut, daß Du Jutta Limbach erwähnst mit Ihrem Spruch von 1973,

    3.) Bzgl. dem GG berufe ich mich auf Art. 20/4.

    Leider verbleiben mir nicht mehr so viele Zeichen, wie Dir.



  2. DL1RMP says:

    @NationalSocialistful How have you been there ???

  3. DL1RMP says:

    The quality of the pictures is so bad, that I must estimate, that it was a joke. May be or not, but it is badlier like VGA. Such stuff today many people are able to do with a pen or a screwdriver or so on the negatives and earlier too. How couldt I trust in this ? But okay, please let me know more. Better is to discuss about something. Have a nice day ! 😉

  4. RustyShackleford1776 says:

    @Cloudjumper better asked, “What in gods name have ufos to do with german history??????

  5. NationalSocialistful says:

    I am from Antartica , And this is all True , Infact i have seen flags leading to Neuschwabienland

  6. xbritishgirlx says:

    very good peter :))

  7. xbritishgirlx says:

    very good peter lol

  8. Cloudjumper says:

    @NETER420 Neter , I am German

  9. NETER420 says:

    Well – the Germans call them FLUGSCHEIBEN, HAUNEBU, VRIL ore ANDROMEDARGERAET.

  10. NETER420 says:

    Well – the Germans call them FLUGSCHEIBEN, HAUNEBU, VRIL ore ANDROMEDARGERAET.

  11. Cloudjumper says:

    what in gods name has german history to do with Ufos?????

  12. oztronix says:

    I know you didn’t mean, it’s ok, not taken.
    Just want to help you, in the case you want to know what really happened out there, at that time. Cheers.

  13. chapthe says:

    did not want to be rude to you. Dream on your dream, just as you like.
    NT, Matthew,24,30 “And then shall appear the sign of the Son of a man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.”

  14. chapthe says:

    ad 1: And you mean, being born in a neighbourhood to late N.Tesla does qualify you as an expert?
    And what kind of Teslas technology has to do with anti-gravity and/or “field propulsion”?
    Are not all patents of Tesla in US? Why don’t they use this outstanding technology?
    Did not Tesla work for the americans during ww2?
    So why did not they develop such craft? Why the Germans? Without your “neighbour” genius (sure he was) N.Tesla?

  15. chapthe says:

    what a nonsense you write, oztronix. Did you study Nikola Teslas life and work already? Obviously not.

  16. oztronix says:

    What India crap ?!
    What Bahvagita ?!
    This is all invented not in 30’es, as he said, but, all story leads back to invention of one man, in 1912: Nikola Tesla.
    OK, it’s public record now…

  17. BlackSUNrising12 says:

    “Ich warte auf die Einen, die ihren Namen wohl verdienen”
    Blixa Bargeld (Band: Einstürzende Neubauten; Album: Alles Wieder Offen; Song: Ich Warte)

  18. behathorn says:

    thank you neter for all this info. I look forward to more =). It really is quite an eye opener and something we were never taught in history class.

  19. missgriffin77 says:

    Very interesting…moving on to some more NSN~~Thank you!

  20. brengale says:

    I agree it is Plausible and we know they are great at the illusion game but I tend to give this information more credibility as it is pointing to another cover up that to me says even if there is some hype what are they actually covering up? Can only mean it benefits their agenda and keeping us blinded by their lies is just one of their many mind games they manipulate us with those that are aware of this at least have one thing they know who their dealing with and can research and expose them

  21. deryni21 says:

    i agree you seem to have a two sided opinion on the matter though

  22. NETER420 says:

    thank you my friend,

    did you see what in july 1952 happened?

    first – all these ufo’s over DC and then a week later – after the last visit – new swabia was recognized in the “BUNDESANZEIGER” with all the geographic Names plus NEW BERLIN!!!

  23. embers17 says:

    Nice work again Neter. I am a history major and work such as yours has turned my belief system on its ears. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for any of my colleagues.

  24. flavour54 says:

    UFO sightings exploded after the second world war. It is quite plausible. I’m not saying I’ve seen it with my own 2 eyse. But I do know and have seen that most governments are not here to help us, as they are busy with an agenda of thier own.

  25. deryni21 says:

    one thing i like to say to the people who think that “if the american governement had known they would of told us, twoo things if there really is ufos like the ones that neter says there are then why would they tell us if they didnt tell us about the stealth bomber and ignorant people are easy people to control lets keep with the gas and keep them afraid and in control of the governement

  26. homousios says:

    sso would us subhumans be dead if the nazi pigs take over?

  27. Cygnotic says:

    nice music; deep, atmospheric and well done!
    all done by underpass?
    salutes from the Realm

  28. dieDRITTEwahrheit says:

    Nice Video watch my channel

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