Mythos Wunderwaffen – 1

By , April 24, 2011 1:49 am

Mythos Wunderwaffen
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  1. aggierose28 says:

    Is there a version of this on Youtube in english?

  2. Nogger86Germany says:

    hmm naaah not really, that wouldnt have won a war…

  3. Mudjin says:

    britain did not only had the better radar, it had invented radar just before the war and germany did not had any radar at the beginning.

  4. dallo66 says:

    made in germanyyyyy

  5. AcePilot2009 says:

    God bless Sir Winston Churchill

  6. whiterottenrabbit says:

    Warum hat jedes zweite Video hier auf Youtube ein falsches Bildseitenverhältnis? Merkt denn niemand, dass das Bild horizontal gequetscht ist? Dass das Gesicht @ 2:22 unnatürlich in die Länge gezogen ist? Dass die Räder @ 0:56 verdammte Ovale sind? Was ist mit euch allen los? Seid ihr blind oder einfach solche Ist-mir-doch-scheißegal-os?

  7. Czaendermajer says:

    typo i mean he did not bomb the.. wtf you know. he failed cause he hit ass instead of cutting their heads!, i shall not attemp to argue that which is obvious & allow a typo to become center of slander!▐▐▐

  8. SadCarnage1224 says:

    hitler lost the battle of britain because britain had better radar and that they failed to realize that the luftwaffe failed to bomb the radar stations in britain

  9. Dubconferencedotorg says:

    really excellent documentation.
    I am missing part 7

  10. karkan18 says:

    vvvv Türk Nazi Birligi com

  11. petekilde says:

    excellent mate,sorry about the late reply,been in Normandy for the last 2 weeks!

  12. WunderWaffet says:


  13. redriot74 says:

    Those big guns were shelling Britain!from France!but Hitler should of developed a 4 engine bomber that could deliver a heavy enough payload to get the job done!?the luftwaffe he sent to destroy london!would of had to bomb round the clock for years to eventually destroy London and her metroploitan areas!

  14. Czaendermajer says:

    translation must be, wonder weapon, wow excellent, i do not know much deutsch . but i could understand a few words,.. also hitler lost because i did not bomb british air fields . he went on cities & that whas his down fall ,

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