Mythos Neuschwabenland 01 von 06

By , July 23, 2011 3:12 pm

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  1. RJSoftware2000 says:

    I hope they are doing well. Maybe they will return, save us from ZION

  2. MrJoeVig says:

    @chapthe to the victor go the spoils.

  3. ron66hand says:

    I read it myself in the Encyclopedia Americana 1968 edition, I believe it was. I have been informed about the ship Schwabenland and Capitan Ritcher since 1976 in the book by Christof Friedrich, with whom I hade written a few times, and recieving a books from him out of his collection. His other name is Ernst Zundel of Canadian fame, a holocaust denier. I have no doubt whatsoever that Germans traveled to Antarctica in 1938-39, but that they returned there regularly thereafter.

  4. BlatendCrude says:

    We were all made by the nukinaki, so i’ve heard on the internets.

  5. BlatendCrude says:

    Drei liter!

  6. dutchman646 says:

    agarti555 do u think the earth might be hollow?

  7. Sethian7 says:

    real high level discussion here…NOT

  8. fredfresh13 says:

    Cool footage…don’t see what it has to do with hollow earth.

  9. SynerJetics says:

    At the Mountains of Madness

  10. mrhyde2484 says:

    The Nazi’s & many top scientists,military equip,gold reserves & 200,000 people went there & are still there.They had anti gravity UFO’s since WW2 & chased Admiral T Byrd away.He recommended to congress that we test nuclear weapons in antarctica but Nazi UFOs flying german formation buzzed the capital terrifying the congress.Its all tied to wikileaks UFO fleet & secret war.Our US government has been preparing us for a false flag alien war for yrs & yrs &yrs. NWO is coming,FACT!! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

  11. Devon187 says:

    @chapthe more examples/vids?

  12. chapthe says:

    @djerwulfe Good question. Seems, that those criminal wars are still ongoing, never ended. the big succession of criminal wars to dominate the whole world, to enslave all nations, to bring “democracy” and “freedom”, to bring democracy with bombs and other kinds of weapons to foreign countries.

  13. djerwulfe says:

    @chapthe What is the “big criminal war?”

  14. guydecervens says:

    Google for the Wikipedia page “New Swabia”
    It is ice free because the air has been dessicated in that region. You could free-dry any material by just leaving it unexposed there.

  15. Scorp10ns says:

    @chapthe, this music is : “Anvil of Crom” by Basil Poledouris

  16. chapthe says:

    @KenpachiBeast What I think has been already said in this prophecy:

    New Testament, Matthew,24,30 “And then shall appear The Sign of the Son of Man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.”
    New Testament, Matt,25,32: “All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the nations one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.”

  17. chapthe says:

    @KB Most Mars fotos in the mass media are fake, with colour filters red/yellow/grey. Mars is very similar to earth except the big oceans. USA and Nasa are constantly lying about most important things, not only about Mars. Try to learn about real history of ww2 and you will find some interesting hidden truth. You would not believe how deep the rabbit hole goes. And yes, I am sure, there are bases on the far side of the moon too and also lot of water is on moon. Forbidden territory for USA.

  18. KenpachiBeast says:

    @chapthe scientists recently found a tower on the far side of the moon , and just a few months ago around last year, the media here in canada anounced that the USA is testing a missle on the moon, however the missle was later reported as a miss, which is kind of stupid because how do they miss the moon. i think it was a cover up and the missle was made to get rid of evidence on the moon. what do you think?

  19. KenpachiBeast says:

    @chapthe wow u are right , the fact that mars has methane is wierd too , so you are saying that there is life on mars but the government is trying to hide it.

  20. Agarti555 says:

    @chapthe The first one is from the film of Conan
    and the second one is from the fil of “the 13th Warrior”.
    Best wishes!

  21. chapthe says:

    Agarti555, please tell me, what music this is. It is beautiful.

  22. chapthe says:

    @KenpachiBeast Those criminal fools will never be able to bring nuclear bombs to Mars, because current Mars population will never allow such criminal war action. Fortunately they are technically far more advanced than USA. USA has stolen most of its modern technology from Germany after the big criminal war. Americans have stolen more than 400.000 patents from Germany.

  23. chapthe says:

    @KenpachiBeast It is 100% proved by the university of Bochum in Germany, that there is life on Mars. (look for the methan evidence) The polar caps on Mars are frozen water. Therefore temperatures on the edges of the polar areas are around 0° Celsius, just like on earth. And look at the blue colour of the atmosphere. It is evidence for oxygene. and look at the green colours of the gigantic forests and steppes. And search for pictures of water lakes on Mars. And look at the water clouds,

  24. KenpachiBeast says:

    @chapthe u said to ask you for information so …. what do you think is going on on mars? if the tempature is the similar to earths then y do you think there is no life there?……. i understand that information is always covered up or changed by the government and what i learned might not be true , so i would like to hear from you?

  25. KenpachiBeast says:

    @chapthe what i told you was information taken from an mars expedition company in the U.S. where they are constantly trying to get ideas on how to bring life back to mars. useing nukes is a big souce to generate heat. Nukes on earth had warmed up the earths tempature by 0.364% – that is huge – if that could happen to mars if could kick in life again. the atmosphere is the second problem for life. and i am well aware that people are being lied to by the media and the government.

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