Nazi Bell Antarctic UFO Base: Die Glocke

By , November 28, 2011 11:42 pm

The facts behind the Nazi Bell and Antarctic UFO Base
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  1. JustSomePerson888 says:

    @Huttate1 – the Nazca lines are just supposed to show that given only airborne travellers would be able to see them, it follows they were drawn for airborne travellers to see. you can’t tell from the ground what the images are depictions of.

  2. JustSomePerson888 says:

    a nazi bell within a liberty bell within a secret base within an undisclosed location within an undiscovered country inside your brain

  3. Huttate1 says:

    @mauricioalfredo83 Provide the references and I shall look in to them

  4. mauricioalfredo83 says:

    …and what about 1500 men les after “hi jam” operation who arrived in chile in 47 whit a lot of damages on the boats??? its was on “el mercurio” pictures and interview…?

  5. Huttate1 says:

    @deadlymomo And you are 24? Time to grow up, dontcha think?

  6. deadlymomo says:

    noo mammesn pito hijosde su puta madre

  7. Huttate1 says:

    @dondude69 The benefit of making crap up is that you do not need to be consistent.

    Consider the Nazcar Lines. They are the landing strip for extra-terrestrials. Implying that aliens with technology that allows them to fold space time and cross light-years in hours, need a WWII length runway at the end of the journey. Rediculous.

  8. dondude69 says:

    It seems kind of funny that their ufo would have ordinary machine guns. If they could build that you would think they could come up with some new weapons.
    It is supposedly alien tech isn’t it?

  9. Huttate1 says:

    @TheEvilOfScientology Thanks for watching. I have found that most myths have an origin in a single book or even a single statement. I enjoy drilling down to the facts.

  10. TheEvilOfScientology says:

    Thanks for your common sense!

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