The Nazis Retro-Engineered Atlantean Technology: Vimanas & Vailixi

By , December 21, 2011 3:31 pm

The Nazis discovered that Antarctica was none other than flash frozen Atlantis after they consulted with Tibetan esoteric buddhists. From their Neuschwabenland Base 211, they retro-engineered the rune covered vimanas and created their own Nazi Bell, Haunebu, Vril, Flugelrads, Silver Bugs, etc. that eventually lead to 4th Reich modern vimanas like the TR-3B Astra of today. After the USA took over the program during Operation Highjump and moving all the Nazi occultists/scientists/war criminals to America via Operation Paperclip, they now work on these evil projects in DUMBs like Area 51 and S-4 along with the returned Grigori/Watchers/Igigi pretending to be “grey aliens”.


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  1. ricki388 says:

    @Descendants Of Enoch dear friend i see you have knowledge of inner earth please take the time to look at my playlist “hollow earth” i would like our opinion

  2. DescendantsOfEnoch says:

    @ricki388 Operations Paperclip and Odessa

  3. DescendantsOfEnoch says:

    @Roadracer987654321 Foo fighters the Americans called them. Imagine that besides the Bible almost everything you thought you knew was just lies…

  4. Roadracer987654321 says:

    Are these Real Photographs ? Where did they come from ? I read about British Spitfire Pilots flying on Patrol Northwest of Scotland who would see Flying Lights at different Altitudes towards the waters near Denmark and the surrounding area. I heard a Rumor as a kid that there was a prototype German Atom Bomb. : (

  5. DescendantsOfEnoch says:

    @Roadracer987654321 for over 5000 years now…

  6. Roadracer987654321 says:

    is this Possible ?

  7. 363Magi says:

    @ricki388 Indeed, it will be their Ace card

  8. ricki388 says:

    and they all went to nasa beware fake alien invasion

  9. DeathsPit00 says:

    @majorlaceration The only way to really do that would be for there to be factories all over the world developing Zero Point Energy Devices on a mass manufacturing level. This way they would be being pumped out so fast that they would never be able to destroy them all. Of course some of the factories would probably have to be hidden so they don’t just destroy all of the sources. Also would need material funding from unknown sources. Meaning they know, but ppl from the outside don’t.

  10. klebehss says:

    @majorlaceration we could start with the “Occupy” and put down all those who are in power and reveal every thing that was hidden from us.

  11. majorlaceration says:

    @DieterSoegemeier um, because there is no money in anything that’s easily made available, and requires no fuel. The real question is how we can take this technology back to the people, and benefit all without becoming pawns to a globalist hegemony ruled by those currently in power. As opposed, of course, to a system in which people of every station have a voice equal to that of all others, with the protection of ALL human rights and planetary preservation being the main goals. just sayin is all

  12. scouttroop291 says:

    i try to tell you for 30 years rip copper true hero

  13. DieterSoegemeier says:

    It is like the many lies told to us , like 9/11 and the cia or Tesla and free electricity available to us since 1903 or the many gravational vehicles that have been built all around the world in the last 100 years. Who is stopping the technology from getting to us. and why would you want to stop us from having these wonderful devices.The AMA has known how to cure cancer since 1925, We are now able to fix and cure almost every problem on the planet but they wont let us ??????? WHY

  14. eliasrio says:

    #3 kinds of UFOs:(1)Psalm68:17 The chariots of GOD are myriads, thousands upon thousands;(2)Rev12:3 red dragon(Satan)…4 Its tail swept A THIRD OF the stars(fallen with UFOs)…8 they lost…9 was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.(3)Rev13:2 The dragon(Greys=Fallen Angels) gave the beast(Gov’s war industry) his power(alien technology) and his throne(militar supremacy) and great authority(control of públic opinion and international politics).4 People..worshiped the beast(Army)?

  15. DescendantsOfEnoch says:

    @9761scott Some are:

    good guys-

    merkabahs=holy angelic chariots (Ez.1/ 2 kings 2:11 / psalm 68:17 / isaiah 66:15/etc)

    bad guys-

    light ships =unholy fallen angelic chariots (GFOL = Isaiah 24:21 / Ephesians 6:12/ etc)

    vimanas/vailixi =man made physical versions (Zechariah 5)

    They will all battle in the last days as foretold of in Revelation 12:7. The spiritually blind that fall for the “alien” delusion will think it is a UFO war… (see the Decani fresco)


  16. alkhemit says:

    @conquerorofbabylon .. yep..they didn’t even bother changing the group designation…S4.

  17. 7745mono says:

    If but not the, but powerful economists behind the wars that according to some is going to be achieved by 2012 Antichrist, a person who will be the leader of the new world order and it will be a Jew and have religious power and tell that is Jesus Christ the Messiah being QUE HACE RATO that the Lord Jesus Christ winewith political power and the economy but if this is the last of the antichrists who want a N.W.O. like Hitler.

  18. Haseo988 says:

    im not gonna lie, this song in german kinda freaks me out, and it doesnt help that im watching it in the blackness of my house TT_TT

  19. DescendantsOfEnoch says:

    @LetsTakeArideOut He was what Nostradamus called the second antichrist setting up the world infrastructure and rediscovered Atlantean technology for the third and final main Antichrist spoke of in the bible. His 7 year New World Order will be a world govt. and he will cause people to take his “mark” to buy and sell and many other things. Do not take it and get saved while you still can!

  20. LetsTakeArideOut says:

    does any one know if what hitler tried to do was a sort of nwo? im just curiouse, just found ouyt about this nwo stuff and beginning to think on it

  21. muckyou12 says:

    You mean the Nazis had all this technology and STILL couldn’t win the war? Superior race my ass

  22. 9761scott says:

    @DescendantsOfEnoch , could you give me your opinion on the craft found in many ancient biblical paintings ?
    Or perhaps “The Glory of the Eucharist”, which shows god sitting next to an identical copy of Sputnik ?
    This is between the icing over of the Antarctic and now.
    Have you heard of the starmaps (all the same) of the Vatican, Washington DC, the Mayans, Aztecs, Sumerians, the pyramids of Giza, etc
    The overlay fits perfectly on Cydomia (Mars).
    I have an email from vatican confirming theirs.

  23. DescendantsOfEnoch says:

    @conquerorofbabylon does it rhyme with the builders of the coming antichrist’s army for his 7 year New World Order?

  24. conquerorofbabylon says:

    Any guess who’s hiding at Area 51? It’s a known fact that the US government hired many Nazi General officers for the CIA’s cold war against the Soviet Union and hired Nazi scientists for secret projects.

  25. EyeofHorus33 says:

    @Have you read When the Sky Fell by the Flem-Aths? It begins with a communication between a geologist and Albert Einstein regarding earth-crust displacement theory, the Ice Age and the American Navy’s confirmation via sonar trace in 1977 that the depiction of the islands on the medieval Piri reis map are infact an accurate depiction, evidently drawn from a much older, long lost source map from a time when the land mass was not covered by ice. If depicted, the land mass was of significance!

  26. brianmenendez says:

    Restricted by who? Nobody owns Antarctica, so nobody can enforce or stop anyone from going there?

    Did we give up when the germans bombed pearl harbor, hell no, who’s with me aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggggg

    Neidermeyer Dead!

  27. BallisticB3ast says:

    wow great pics, how did you obtain them? any idea where the restricted zone starts?


    que mundo mas maravilloso y mistico 🙂

  29. evermore8888 says:

    @DAHBOO7 I think you may be right about that DAHBOO7

  30. DAHBOO7 says:

    Amazing we NEED to go there ! Thats where all the secrets will be answered !!

  31. Phyxful says:

    Quien canta las canciones que salen en el video? Who sing the songs of the video?

  32. Adlertag says:

    ¿Qué voces son esas que empiezan en 1:13?

  33. kaderoder says:

    YES google earth has distorted the whole interior of Antarctica!

  34. angeloaufiero777 says:




  35. Agarti555 says:

    @Roothkalki Gracias por tus felicitaciones. La verdad es que la Antártida es un lugar increible y es evidente que hay algo más que sólo hielo.
    Tengo más imágenes con las que pienso hacer otro video parecido a este…

  36. Roothkalki says:

    ¡Excelente! Maravillosas e increíbles imágenes. Como geólogo aficionado sólo puedo decir que es el Paraíso: Verne, Poe y Lovecraft se quedaron cortos ante la REALIDAD. En la Antártida se puede leer la Historia del Mundo y no creo exagerar al decirlo. Saludos y felicitaciones.

  37. vito445 says:

    those pictures are beautiful. i wonder why people are not allowed to go there…

  38. Agarti555 says:

    @NitroxideHS Try to go there, I mean the interior of Antarctica, not the coasts: it is forbidden. The only place of Antarctica you can visit is the coast in a ship cruiser.

  39. NitroxideHS says:

    antartica is forbidden to go too?

  40. btester1 says:

    Someone needs to go to that area and put up a camera into space.
    Cheap way to find out what is there.

  41. Agarti555 says:

    @Gyvulevichius McMurdo Station, located at 77 degrees 51 minutes S, 166 degrees 40 minutes E, is the largest Antarctic station known.

  42. Agarti555 says:

    In Google Earth the real Antarctica is deleted and simply put in white as if almost all that was only ice and snow.
    Most of the images of the video are of the Mc. Murdo region, the “dry valleys” of Antarctica.
    Search in Google images
    I’ve got a video where you can watch the temperatures of the lake Fryxell area in Antarctica in January: about 7 or 8º C average: a polar climate with summers with temperatures above 0ºC.
    But the greatest mistery is in the interior of the continent

  43. Gyvulevichius says:

    What is it on Google Earth? 71°40’38.05″S 77°23’45.14″W

  44. Agarti555 says:

    @LilEskimoPie Google images: “antactica dry valleys”, “antarctica arena valley”, “Antarctica Beacon valley”, “Antarctica Don Juan pond”, “Antarctica blood falls”, “Antarctica dunes”, “Antarctica Onyx River”, “Antarctica Taylor valley”, “Antarctica Vanda Lake”, “Antarctica Victoria valley”…
    Go look for the Truth yourself.

  45. Agarti555 says:

    @LilEskimoPie You can Google and find that ALL THE IMAGES, ALL OF THEM are from Antarctica. It’s very easy, not difficult at all. You only have to have a little interest to find it and to understand that the Antarctica is not only ice

  46. LilEskimoPie says:

    How do you know thats not just images from around the world like Asia? There’s no proof thats Antarctica

  47. HIDRA2009 says:

    Thanks *****

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