New Age Nazi Deception part 3 of 10 Nazi Expedition Hollow Earth

By , February 12, 2012 12:15 pm

Information taken from Beyond Science Fiction shows not only the unknown historical account of this expedition but also, these events were prophetic end time fulfillment with a bigger picture leading to the NWO

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  1. Anthoneck says:


  2. muzapstar says:

    wow,this is some heavy shit!

  3. alternaterealities7 says:

    @PatriotGermanEmpire No and i guess for you they live in your own heart and mind. Hope you can find a heart transplant from a Jewish carpenter soon before it is too late.

  4. alternaterealities7 says:

    @turntabliss Ye sand weather they knew it or not they were trying to bring back the technology and the people from before the flood.

  5. turntabliss says:

    the nazi’s were after power a power greater than man!!!!

  6. alternaterealities7 says:

    @swaswasawaswaswasawa to escape, regroup and fight another day only clandestine through the UN and in cooperation with paperclip scientists and Gehlin organization.

  7. swaswasawaswaswasawa says:

    wait im lost so why did he nazis go to antartica again?

  8. alternaterealities7 says:

    @DJbubaToThePoint Operation Highjump is mentioned in this series and is an important part of our own governments reaction to such wild claims. It all fits as part of a real history. I have a long supporter friend of mine who in Army Intelligence while in a veterans hospital came across a troop who was in Operation Highjump. His testimony i have not used but am going to try to incorporate it somewhere soon.

  9. DJbubaToThePoint says:

    Admiral Byrd, “Operation High-Jump” yeah

  10. alternaterealities7 says:

    @coolkyd383 I mention it in my book Beyond Science Fiction. The diary contains many truths but is probably a fake and on the most part has been debunked. Admiral Byrd made a trip over the North Pole in 1929 and made a movie of it. It played on Movie Tone news reels in theaters for about a week before it was pulled. A death bed confession or verification was made by the producer. My own Grandfather remembers seeing this as a young man. If true why is the diary make it seem like he is so amazed?

  11. coolkyd383 says:

    you seem to have left out Admiral Byrd’s account and diary where he says he flew into inner earth and met the residents who he says told him to stop using nukes they be the end of us

  12. PatriotGermanEmpire says:

    So the Nazis aren´t dead? Cool O_o

  13. alternaterealities7 says:

    @thirtythree303 Seems Like the Lord is raising up an army of watchmen to stand in the gap of the coming presentation of a global; deception

  14. thirtythree303 says:

    I am working on this subject as well. It is a seriously important part of the secret history. Thanks man,

  15. iTeaze888 says:

    i’ll definitly go check it out once its done, can you drop me a line when it is?
    Thanks for the posting of great videos.

    PS. hollow earth is called Terra Dyem, deep earth, and they have a dim sun, giving it the knickname the black sun. (nothing compared to the real “red” sun)

    Its a textbook case of “as above so below”.

    And remember truth is’nt always simple. its not always logic, but it is truth.
    thanks for spreading it.

  16. alternaterealities7 says:

    @iTeaze888 Well that will be just great. Some of this will also be in a series on line called the Seed. Very professional TV Movie series made for the Internet. Rob Skiba the producer, and i have gone over many of the” you got to be kidding me” connections and points that as revelations from the Lord, match and fit together.

  17. iTeaze888 says:

    im not kidding, but i am drawing a graphic novel about this, because this story was inbedded in my mind. its really freaky to see it become reality.
    I have had a lot of “you got to be kiddin me” moments.
    thanks for posting.

  18. alternaterealities7 says:

    @Keyo717 I do agree that as individual investigators and researchers it would be great to get together to share our piece of the puzzle with others, work together to add them to get the bigger picture. Within the Christian groups we have begun this with regular fellowship meetings. You will soon hear more about that. For everyone getting together, I am afraid human nature won’t allow for it. Too much sense of competitiveness pursuing fame and fortune by too many to make it happen,

  19. Keyo717 says:

    @TheRobynhud i agree the music was a distraction …the information was so good it wasn’t needed. I wish someone could take all the information thats out there and connect the dots. Not just your view of what the Germans were up to but add all the info from all over the planet and put them all together..then we could work on the truth.

  20. axe414 says:

    @SNIPZ86 Wow.. How can someone could even think of something so not respectful. Really not cool. As a matter of fact, i think you are a agent working for Satan himself 🙂 A real good person would not speak like that. Or you are simply lost. Pray God to guide you… You should really try. It can’t hurt you. Do you believe in God? Your answer will tell me who you are in reality 🙂

  21. alternaterealities7 says:

    @deceiver123m Today, some have created much controversy on the use of the name Jesus as opposed to Yeshua. It all comes down to Semantics really and not the overstressed division that is trying to being created by some who insist that we have it wrong if we use the name Jesus. My name in English is Jim a short for James of a Hebrew origin. In France it would be Jacque All are still my name just a different cultural aspect of the same name. I would answer each of them as genuine. Jesus or Yeshua

  22. deceiver123m says:

    @alternaterealities7 the jewish carpenter from nazareth, what do you call him if not Jesus, what is him name and which is hit title. please explain

  23. alternaterealities7 says:

    @TheRobynhud LOL others have said the same thing.I liked the music as I thought it put more of a dramatic effect but maybe not. Thanks anyway. I need to learn to tone it down a bit and mix the sound better. I am still learning how to do all of this.

  24. TheRobynhud says:

    really enjoying your vid fantastic imformation,better without the music…thanks 

  25. alternaterealities7 says:

    @MrCASHWAY LOL Yes it can be and certainly better if it is knowledge of our Lord and i am sure that is what you meant. Thank Yoiu

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