卐Rare Collection from Hitler’s Personal Residences卐

By , February 27, 2012 2:06 pm

Most of these items were stolen from Hitler’s Führerhauptquartiers including his apartment in Munich, his Führerbunker in Berlin and his Wolfsschanze in Rastenburg East Prussia. These are EXTREMELY RARE historical items and they are trully amazing to view in person. Some of the items seen are, Hitler’s personal standard (der Fuhrer fliegen), his mirror from the Führerbunker in Berlin, his personal bath towels and robe embroidered with the swastika and his initials AH , his personal silver rare and his personal copy of his book Mein Kampf. Also as a side note: Hitler did NOT commit suicide in Berlin, he escaped with many of the Kriegsmarine to Argentina, and he died there in the late sixties. The Reich never fully surrendered according to International Law, only two of the three military branches signed the treaty. The modern Bundesrepublik der Deutchland is simply a corporation run by the Rothschild branch of the Illuminati. The Third Reich evolved into the Fourth Reich which is currently headquartered in Neu Schwabenland Antarctica at Base 211. Most all of modern history concerning the Nazis is completely false information put out by the Illuminati. Remember at first, Hitler was supported by the Rothschild Illuminati and then the Vril Society. For anyone who doubts any of this look into “Operation High Jump” in 1946 which is just the tip of the iceberg. 卐

Ufo technology explained by contemporary witness. Fritz Watzl, The last Sorcerer’s Apprentice of Viktor Schauberger, an 80 year “old man” from austria.
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27 Responses to “卐Rare Collection from Hitler’s Personal Residences卐”

  1. Jazzman1985 says:

    Ha ha, read the description, hilarious 😀

  2. MrMarquinho1978 says:

    where’s this place, please??

  3. MrMarquinho1978 says:

    @weedeaterbike i agree

  4. araregoodguy says:

    why is this video flagged lol? Jews are crazy!

  5. RTRDPrOd says:

    Im suprised those weren’t burned

  6. v12jaguarxj12 says:

    @Back2DaFuture98 I know, it is ridiculous that they warn it is “inappropriate”. What about Mao and Stalin who killed FAR more people than the nazis, but last I checked there are no warnings on those kind of videos.

  7. Back2DaFuture98 says:

    Where did youtube worn me this is inaporpriate

  8. PaskolinoOo says:


  9. weedeaterbike says:

    the most sacred items on earth

  10. GtForLife123 says:

    Oh snap that’s cool! I want to go there someday. Seeing that shit in person must be 100x better than video. Full fledged experience. Good job, I love seeing historical tidbits. 😀


    what your blood type

  12. v12jaguarxj12 says:

    @lasernederland Thank you!

  13. lasernederland says:

    Really nice collection my friend!

  14. angelofwaranddeath says:

    throughout history jews were reported complaing and bitching about the way they were treated and stuff by many different nations.so what if the jews wanted to blame the german people and by the wars end germany is left holding the bag and humiliated in front of the whole world.btw I hate nazism,I dont like their ideology it wont work I belive in military rule and democracy.

  15. angelofwaranddeath says:

    whos’ to say that all the holocaust was faked by the allies to put blame on the nazis.plus back then anyone could take a picture and put american s in germkan uniforms around dead holocaust victims,and fake documents made to seam to be realYou got to understand one thingI myself of course and all of you werent there so how do u know?oh,yes the us of a told me in the history books.

  16. happymax1 says:

    It’s quite fitting that these artifacts found their new home in good ol’ boy, white supremacist, far right, give the Taliban a run for their money, wish we could stick women in burkas too… Oklahoma!

    p.s. If these items were stolen, don’t they belong to the German government? (I’m telling)

    p.p.s. It’s really cute that you sign off with the swastika… awwww….

  17. 829012 says:

    @Etrajbe well said

  18. shoresfamily says:

    No department store folks, this is in a local museum in Oklahoma. All of the artifacts are original, there’s even his mirror from the bunker in Berlin. Pretty creepy. Let’s knock off the politics and learn from history. Any dictatorship is wrong, enough said.

  19. austins830 says:

    @Etrajbe We are all fucked up in our own little way. In other words, no one is pure.

  20. VictumRoManius says:

    @Etrajbe You can’t justify your actions by talking about how “Evil” the other part was.
    It was a war yes… But that does not mean that Hitler and the Nazis had the right to mass execute other people.
    Stalins GULAG, American Nuclear Bomb, Japanese massacre of Chinese. All of them were horrible, but that does not mean that the Nazi Germans were better.

    Btw, go and read Himmlers and SS reports. There you will see that there were far more then 76k kills.

  21. bigsatan64 says:

    wheres this dept store?? looks fucking ace

  22. Etrajbe says:

    @VictumRoManius It was around 1 million for the ACTUAL holocaust numbers, 1-2. Disputed, some go as low as to 76k, Of course we dont have proof of any deaths of all, the only holocaust with not a single piece of scientific evidence, but im not gonna go there with you. Anyway, your brainwashed. No doubt the nazis were “evil”? It was a war? everyone was evil? How about Churchill’s genocides? Americas Nukes or napalm war games? Your deluded.

  23. VictumRoManius says:

    @Etrajbe You obviously are a little troll since you can’t keep up a discussion without insulting the other part.

    The number of Jews dying in the Holocaust were 5-6 million. The number of others like forexample tens of thousands of prisoners from the Eastern front, Homosexuals, blacks etc was 4-5 million. That makes the number of dead 10 million. And does it actually matter if it was 5 million or 10 million?

    What matters is that those nazi scum killed innocents, THAT is the problem.

  24. Etrajbe says:

    @VictumRoManius Are u retarded? The holocaust was estimated around 5 million in 1950, that number has been GREATLY downjusted since, even “pro” holocaust people are around the million right now, some way more down. The holocaust includes EVERYONE that got killed, mostly by starvation because of allied bombing attacks cutting of supplies. about 1-2/5 was jewish of those victims. Your a fucking retard. All were masters of propoganda, look at the western world today its ALL propaganda, fascists all

  25. VictumRoManius says:

    Holocaust = 10 million dead.
    German invasion of Soviet Russia = 20 million civilian deads and “only” 5 million soldiers dead.

    I can fully understand why the Soviets began to kill Germans after all the Germans did to their families…

    At the end, history is written by the victor. Germany and Japan were masters of propaganda.
    Do you honestly think they would have been any better then USA, Soviet Union, Britain, France, China etc?

  26. SocialistDemocracy says:

    hey no subtitles at end

  27. infolieger says:

    dann wurden mir eben nicht mehr die Haare geschnitten, perfekt!!! brauch ja auch kein Mensch en Frisour, interressiert ja kein klar denkenden Mensch ob der en Vollbart hat oder nicht. :D, weiter so geile Videos und er sollte sich auch mal bei Youtube anmelden, ne Spass. :D.

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