Nazi Antarctica–A Map to Their Secret Base?: Curious Alignments

By , March 6, 2012 4:39 am

Nazi Antarctica--A Map to Their Secret Base?: Curious Alignments

Convergence of a major alignment thru China, the Great Lakes Biome, and Machu Picchu and for prime meridians of past and present. Is there a connection between the European meridians the Holy Mountains of China, the Great Lakes Biome, Machu Picchu, and sites in Antarctica established during the 1901 and 1938 German expeditions?
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  1. solvssod says:

    @MercenaryRundas look up secret war in the Antarctica

  2. plumstreetmusic says:

    @MercenaryRundas I believe the former German territory is under control of the United Nations. Some of the interior places without ice and an unfrozen lake have been visited (some video is floating around YouTube). However, consider the size of the region in comparison to the size of the USA. A lot of terrain to cover and, yes, it is very cold.

  3. MercenaryRundas says:

    Wow. I had no idea that Imperial Germany established a colony in 1901.

    I wonder if there have been any efforts to well-explore Antarctica?
    Maybe to look for ruins, or ancient cities, etc. The cold/habitability should not be an excuse. We should have the tech to search for the remains of the colony.

    Maybe different governments have already searched the area and have chosen to hide knowledge?

  4. AlCaponeFrankwhite says:

    German Powerrrr THe bigest power of the world

  5. plumstreetmusic says:

    @kingofthe40oz Could be nothing left. May be scrap and junk parts from some Vril project. Or there may be BIG TROUBLE for anyone coming near to it.

  6. kingofthe40oz says:

    i wish i could go on a badass expedition with you. what do you think is at this secret base?

  7. 007hor says:

    @plumstreetmusic, pay him no mind, that was very rude of him.

  8. plumstreetmusic says:

    @bigbird763 So you are saying that I would still be alive and you wouldn’t? Though I can speak more rapidly, this cut is intended to be easily accessible by those who speak English as either a first or second language. Perhaps, I should post a speed cut for others.

  9. bigbird763 says:

    if you could be any mre slower at life we alll would prolly die before you so hustle the fuck up you half asleeep old bastarde before i beat your head in

  10. plumstreetmusic says:

    @mikeyroys3333 Quite

  11. mikeyroys3333 says:


  12. plumstreetmusic says:

    @deviantcreep Not without my mukluks and a very warm parka.

  13. deviantcreep says:

    Haha! goodluck finding it! lol

  14. plumstreetmusic says:

    @WulfBand Hmm. Good question. The north pole is visible, showing undersea terrain and the mid-Atlantic fault. Geocentre Consulting, Google, Image IBCAO, and Europa Technologies are credited per 2011. These appear to be taken directly overhead from space. At the South Pole, some terrain is visible in the region. However, the region is obscurred by a 500 mile radius circle overlay Other than Europa Technologies, the credits are NASA, U.S. Navy, U.S. Geological Survey, etc. I guess that they know.

  15. WulfBand says:

    Why does Google Earth have a Big White Circle covering the majority of the S. Pole ?

  16. plumstreetmusic says:

    @VendPrekmurec Thanks for turning me on to this. I’ve seen a number of Igor’s compositions before. This set is splendid, not only in detail of information but some stunning artwork as well. I am only to part 3, thus far.

  17. plumstreetmusic says:

    @VendPrekmurec Thank you. I will. I am away from home and without reliable net service. Just so you know that I am not ignoring your communications. I will be able to respond in more detail on Friday and Saturday. –J

  18. VendPrekmurec says:

    @plumstreetmusic watch on YT about “Arkaim - watch?v=n8O5Vqhblzo
    there are things hidden from the public for a long centuries

  19. VendPrekmurec says:

    @plumstreetmusic it was old Aryan city – as fingerpring of Hyperborea and Atlantis… connected with the same latitude as “Stonehenge”. It comes from 2 words; Arka means “heaven” – Arktika – Arctis, north pole) and Im means short of “land” – “place where Heaven (Svarga- swastika) meets the ground (land)”- it was old Astronomical observatory – as well Stonehenge

  20. plumstreetmusic says:

    @VendPrekmurec 52°37′37″N 59°33′40″E, Facinating! I will explore this further. Thanks.

  21. VendPrekmurec says:

    @plumstreetmusic you should check about Arkaim,…

  22. plumstreetmusic says:

    @milesalpha1 I read the Beeching/Summerhayes article this morning. A generally fair literature review of the subject. However, Sagan’s modus operandi is just standard scientific procedure. Sagan calls for quantitative data in preference to annectdotal or qualitative. Unfortunately, they have produced little of this so far and admit that it has been unavailable. Their piece is well written, but hardly conclusive. Personally, I am maintaining a neutral position.

  23. milesalpha1 says:

    No, it is not a prevailing popular theory, It has NO standing in history at all. It has produced nothing in peer review, and you have not read a major paper that disposes of pretty much everything you mention, 4 years ago to boot. I am in awe of your intellectual curiousity. 9/11? What next, I.D.? I’ll pass on any further discussion.

  24. plumstreetmusic says:

    @milesalpha1 In the spirit of intellectual debate, I just posted a link to the abstract of the Beeching/Summerhayes article at the front of the article. Thank you for the citation.

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