V3 “England Canon” Nazi Wunderwaffe (Wonder Weapon)

By , March 21, 2012 5:51 am

Edit: i don´t now why i writing “Record range” i would say , it was the biggest range for canons in this time. V3 (Vergeltungswaffe 3) German Tv documentary report

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  1. omg101man says:

    @boomboothethird but he kinda screwed himself over with the decisions he made and stuff stuff.

  2. boomboothethird says:

    the scary thing is if hitler had more time the war mite of come out different

  3. narutoistcool says:

    nunja eigendlich wollte hitler eine invasion aber erst nach der gewonnenen luftschlacht aber der sig kamm nicht also wollte hitler sie zerbomben : V3

  4. Spartiatai300 says:

    @DaveJ014 You will probably be arrested and sentenced. So I gues its even worse.

  5. DaveJ014 says:

    Is holding up a Nazi flag in Germany is just as bad holding a Rebel flag from the Confederate states of america in the U.S?

  6. RandyM1940 says:

    Nazi secret weapons in WW2:
    V-1 “Buzz Bomb”
    V-2 rocket
    V-3 “England Cannon”
    Die Glocke(a Nazi secret technology, a floating, “anti-gravity” bell used to overcome the force of gravity. Tested, never put into production.)

  7. tyskbulle says:

    @hereltch and Berlin nuked ;P

  8. makutateridax200 says:

    @hereltch let us not even think about that as i fear it could one day happen if we continue on our current path

  9. WortySe7en says:

    “With Canon, you can” 😉

  10. Zinkiebrinki says:

    i think some people don´t know what a Nazi is. Someone think al soliders in the Wehrmacht was Nazis but thats wrong.They say some shit, but didn´t think about this that they say.I can imagine someone don´t know what a Wunderwaffe is. They think all germans are Nazis but in Russia it gives Nazis too. Think about this.

  11. hereltch says:

    is ww2 started a few years later these bastards would had have jets, land ships, intercontinental missles, wonder weapons and all that shit

  12. Noke0 says:

    @MultiGamersUnite Canon is in the title, we all know there is no Wunderwaffe Canon in BO. So no Nazi Zombies player would click on this unless interested in the reality of Wonder Weapons. I am afraid you don’t understand.

  13. Noke0 says:

    @MultiGamersUnite Because it is based on the Wunderwaffe from Black Ops and WWII and other Nazi Weapon Experiments. Like I said, go deeper in the web, sir.

  14. Noke0 says:

    @MultiGamersUnite Die Glocke was probably a real weapon in the making Wunderwaffe-DG. Nazi was trying to make it..You need to go DEEPER into the web sir.

  15. CmdrTobs says:

    @suspicious35 My favorite was the 2nd with doomsday expansion. The tech team system was cool. It was compelling telling FokeWolf to work on a fighter and Junkers to work on dive bombers….

    However you should go with the most recent probably. Though I had funner times on the first and second…

  16. SchneiderVesperine says:

    hitler was a megalomaniac

  17. NZHALKO2 says:


    wirklich? dann schick mir doch mal eine grammatisch korrekte Antwort auf die Frage: Warum denken die meisten Amerikaner das fast alle Deutschen Nazis sind?!

  18. xxxshowxxxstopperxxx says:

    @Guideleven language

  19. ThorstenBreher says:

    @FuneralProductions i think you can finthis Dok on.zdf.de

  20. andresbernabe99 says:

    hey we can all be German man with the power of Google translator xD top comment ^^^

  21. Snuffrap666Recordz says:

    Ja kommt drauf an wie viele V3’s abgefeuert und wie Zielgenau diese eingeschlagen wären! Mit dauerfeuer aus allen Rohren und 90% Trefferquote wärn die Engländer in Panik aus ihren Städten gerannt!! London wär ohne Einmarsch deutscher Truppen komplett zerstört .. ABER ABER ABER…

  22. FuneralProductions says:

    Is this available on dvd? Very intresting. Thx

  23. suspicious35 says:

    @sheemsheem Also the Germans should have used their air and sea power in concert, instead of trying to clear Britain for an invasion.

  24. sheemsheem says:

    @suspicious35 definetly that would have won the war!….the v series was stupid….capital ships was stupid and the one aircraft carrier……and the atlantic wall wasn’t that great…all this used for u-boats and aircraft would be better decision

  25. discgolfer92 says:

    @keyow2 “I could say you’re wrong about us being ignorant because my IQ is actually above average” Ignorance is a lack of knowledge brainiac. It has nothing to do with IQ. So yes you are ignorant:)

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