Hollow Earth Hyperborea Agartha Shambhala 6of7

By , July 1, 2012 4:02 am

~Hollow Earth, Hyperborea, Agartha, Shambhala~ first uploaded from: www.youtube.com
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  1. thestrugglewithin says:

    Sorry but the cult-like imagery near the end (people in red robes and the people in the white robes SCREAM of Agenda 21. This makes me highly suspicious of the underlying motive of this video.

    As Alberto Rivera stated as an ex-jesuit agent: the Jesuit society will parade themselves, giving away the majority of hidden truths, but they splice them with lies so that people walk away with truths, but are still deceived into following the wrong path.
    Disinformation at its best.

  2. thestrugglewithin says:

    These ‘space brothers’ are nothing more than Nephilim offspring as described in Biblical record.
    They are presenting themselves as ET in origin, this is just a deception so that when Anti-Christ rulership is established, they can present themselves as the creators of mankind.
    All of this is prophectical in nature and the catalyst will be the sudden vanishing of millions of people across the earth: they will claim abduction, and take control in the wake of the destruction that ‘abduction’ creates

  3. 870Rem12gauge says:

    The “ET’s” are from our inner earth, so they are not aliens. They are going to have to make some form of contact as we on the surface are damaging the planet with our misuse of technology. Crop circles are just a simple means to get our attention. Other types of communication will probably follow.

  4. SYDNEYMAZZ says:

    lets go, 5th dimension . 

  5. SYDNEYMAZZ says:

    be positive,
    thoughts become things, what you wish for will come true .

  6. IceSparrow44 says:

    I don’t think our space brothers are going to do anything. We can’t wait for the people of space to save us, we have to save ourselves and we have a long way to go.

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