Nazi UFOs and Ancient Aliens (part 3/3)

By , July 23, 2012 7:47 pm

TO GET YOUR FULL-LENGTH HIGH DEFINITION COPY OF THE SHOW, PLEASE VISIT AND BUY A DVD. Invading armies of almost invincible power, incredible weaponry designed to both intimidate and annihilate, secret experiments of another-worldly nature. “A lot of the information that we’ve been told about the second world war is wrong!” Did, as some believe, Adolf Hitler bases plans for world domination with secret extraterrestrial knowledge? “The Nazis were looking for some kind of technology, that the Ancients possessed.” And did the German military developed an arsenal of so called Wonder Weapons (Wunderwaffen) based on advanced alien technology?

19 Responses to “Nazi UFOs and Ancient Aliens (part 3/3)”

  1. SomeUser9753 says:

    no from the sun

  2. GreenFurnNW says:

    Wouldn’t the pope seek salvation from little boys?

  3. SomeUser9753 says:

    tjesuites new a lot about those shits a long time ago sanscript and etc.

  4. SomeUser9753 says:

    nazi invasion of tha planet is coming that’s all folks we’re all finished. The pope will seek salvation from the sun. Very fucked up situation will it help ?

  5. SomeUser9753 says:

    fucking nazis, fon brown looks very much like my ukranian grandfa very very strange.

  6. SomeUser9753 says:

    Well it’s about the way of thinking believing it’s possible and really thinking with both halves of the brain u know. Just viewong things in more universal and all picture way. After all humanity has been programmed to be in slavery. For instance I live in a post communist country where I know people are programmed with a hate against me and are programmed to serve idols whether it’s labor, or certain outlook or their leaders and it’s demon run thing. Very shitty it’s about seeing the cause.

  7. SomeUser9753 says:

    i’m getting mad when I watch this. So it’s some hybridization of the jews which produces alien folks means jews are from another planet which is very well known. But all this satanism around this shit is sick.

  8. SomeUser9753 says:

    stupid nazis, they were not nazis they were liers part of the conspiracy. So even if they achieved it they would kill them and destroy the inventions. It’s jesuite shit wormholes demonology such bullshits. And building a wormhole is not a big deal when u know how universe works. Crazy fuckers :), Vatican USA and east europe conspiracy.

  9. SomeUser9753 says:

    But USA has those things now, and the secret government and Russia probably, it’s trivial to discover those things, it’s just that they put some occultism in it how stupid. They put man in the equation.

  10. SomeUser9753 says:

    mason secrets egyptian shits. It’s known how it works.

  11. Mr34Noisemaker says:

    Possible theory !!

  12. indexyng says:


  13. indexyng says:

    what the fuck is that red box advertising urself. sheesh

  14. TheBayzent says:

    Nazi zombie ALIENS Winderwaffle…and some ninja and pirates too…and cyborgs and dinosaur riding

  15. RART anderson says:

    Wow I’m confused I watched all of them and just don’t get anything anymore that alien bell thing it crashed in Pennsylvania were I live right into the forest 2 miles away the army came quick and it took like 5 hours untill they left my dad told me if no one called the cops or anything we could have seen what it was

  16. MW2Gr3nadi3r says:


  17. thekillermentat says:

    This documentary gets more and more ridiculous as it goes along. Thanks for making me laugh.

  18. TheGreatScottChannel says:

    This has opened my my mind to the real engineering geniuses that worked for the germans. It has alot of interesting theories and we will most probably become victims of our own intelligence. Amazing videos and i cant thank you enough for uploading them Marcus. Thank you.

  19. SYNMiniWaz says:

    11:17 Ohhh nooo!

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