The Occult Secrets of the 3rd Reich (A MUST SEE!!!),great

By , August 7, 2012 10:00 pm

The Occult Secrets of the 3rd Reich (A MUST SEE!!!),great

Beautiful orrery(solar system model) avaiable in : .Evidence of the use of extra terrestrial technology. One of the lasr great mysteries of the 20th century is the occult past of the 3rd reich, and membership of secret societies by some of its leading exponents. The question as to whether these people were aware of the existence of lost extraterrestrial technologies, once applied by past advanced cultures, is raised by completely new research, supported by historical documents and original film footage of the period. Were the disk-shaped flying objects (UFOs), driven by anti-gravitation forces, actually constructed?. Test pilots, engineers and investigators explain the Nazi programme for space travel and contact with aliens. Look at the evidence and decide for urself. keywords; ufo conspiracy illuminati mars coverup secret space programm antigravity free energy nazi technology atlantisnazi soucer ufo glocke himler hitler ww2 world war alien space germany aliens wwii adolf moon illuminati conspiracy 911 nazi ufo conspiracy vrocket v2 rocket secret projects flying predator shuttle planet universe area invasion history 51 area bell secret weapon Wunderwaffen galaxy outer astronomy apollo roswell launch abduction solar spaceship discovery sighting cosmos crop disclosure documentary planets astronaut footage orb hubble mystery object contact spirituality stars earth sightings circles system truth strange

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