Metroid Zero Mission Trailer

By , September 7, 2012 2:50 am

A video of the greatest gun-toting girl of all time.

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  1. SuperWunderwaffen says:

    It’s utter crap compared to the North American GCN Chozo Lore.

  2. GamerNinjaX says:

    w-w-what…b-b-b-ut bad chozo lore, I mean the lore of metroid was one of my favorite things about metroid prime, the scanner and the lore just really put you on the planet, it was awesome, so what is wrong with the PAL lore?

  3. GamerNinjaX says:

    I thought and still think that the scanner really put you into the world, there is always these greatly detailed information about the life forms on the planet, and of course the chozo markings that really furthered the story, you have to find the real story, and thats brilliant!

  4. SuperWunderwaffen says:

    But scanning is how you learn the story and everything. Anyway, the Wii compilation sold so poorly that they stopped manufacturing it, so it’s only available online and very expensive now. I was lucky enough to get it shortly after it came out.

  5. SuperWunderwaffen says:

    They removed the North American Chozo Lore and replaced it with the PAL Chozo Lore which was utter crap. They did that with three of the pirate data entries too.

  6. PolimarioProductions says:

    Mind explaining how it was “Ruined?”

  7. SuperWunderwaffen says:

    Yeah. I do love Echoes and Corruption though. Prime was ruined in the Trilogy compilation because they raped the Chozo Lore. DAMN YOU RETRO!!!!!!!!!

  8. Redvsbluefan900 says:

    prime was the best

  9. Witsarunemitea says:

    Oh come on… Why does all commercial for video game suck xD
    Still, I have the game. It’s awesome :3

  10. 12nightkid says:


  11. 12nightkid says:

    i remeber this , i was 8

  12. CyberDragon10K says:

    My cousin scoffed at this commercial when it aired… that is, until the girl landed from the flip. ;]

    Nice to see it again. :]

  13. FangSylux says:

    The GBA was awesome

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