I’m 13… you can’t stop me from having a baby Metroid!

By , October 7, 2012 7:38 am

This Maury parody is from the episode with Jessica, the 13-year-old who snuck a boy in her house and acts like her teddy bear is a baby. Her hometown of Galveston Texas was hit by a hurricane. Since then no one has been able to contact her. For everyone who keeps asking me for the links to the original, here they are: Part 1:www.youtube.com Part 2: www.youtube.com Part 3: www.youtube.com
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25 Responses to “I’m 13… you can’t stop me from having a baby Metroid!”

  1. TJ Dang says:

    lol, she sucks on a passyfier

  2. Wapow27 says:

    disliking this, honestly the fucking metroid shit is retarded

  3. vampirebunnies6 says:

    Who does she think she is!!!!!!!!!!

  4. tiernaboo1 says:

    Wtf is wrong with the video ??

  5. gh0stmc says:

    lol omg shes like that IM GONNA HAVE A MA BABY girl lol

  6. ChoclateMangoCoconut says:

    Im 13…. I still wear footie pjs e.e

  7. SuperAjb999 says:

    She looks older than 13

  8. sumlafs2012 says:

    this is so staged.

  9. KpDrminKpBlvin says:

    can you say scripted??

  10. maddie4ever111 says:

    Yea i think that the next genoration is gonna be soo screwed up that it wont be fixable cuz little girls like these want to have kids so they can be on teen mom..but its too late for some…

  11. Amy Singh says:

    wow im 13 and i have no clue why im watching this but honestly i have to say my generation is soooo screwed

  12. MegaSneakybasterd says:

    What a badass.. Stupid kid..

  13. Cricket86756 says:

    What a brat!

  14. MokuJin804 says:

    Is samus the next guess? They should get that dragoil Ridley to be maury’s backup security!

  15. amberlietje says:

    that fucking game is annoying me soooo hard!!!!!

  16. coolnickster says:


  17. shanny banny says:

    first the metriod was annoy but now funny

  18. ahmadies1 says:

    Wow American who talk about humanity and women right or acting like a good and progressed country. see this is a bag example of their organisation freedom and women right

  19. awesomechick148 says:

    woah i think doing it is too weird!

  20. alexandherforever says:

    Not a little kid yet still carries around her teddy bear. Seems legit.

  21. Romy Burdett says:

    wtfwt !!!!

  22. Katlego Ncala says:

    its so stupid the way all these lame cartoons jst pop in.. who ever made this video .. bru you SUCK

  23. roveliuz says:

    This is fake

  24. hello1236006 says:

    weird. I’m 13 and i don’t like boys let….seriously baby at 13. we’re still too young. wait 10+ yrs.

  25. Amy Robertson says:

    a pervert a rapist …

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