nazi ufo Antarctic base [ HD ].avi

By , April 10, 2014 8:03 am

Top secret German expeditions to “NEUSCHWABENLAND”. As landing points, there could have been used two of the three marked landing bays north-west of the “MÜH…

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  1. osamas osamo says:


  2. petros ellhnaras says:

    really you believe that ? i beleieve nazi had base in antarctic but i cant
    beleieve they had ufo or communicate with alliens, wake up people … and
    something alse if the human want to make a UFO he can do it. Humanity are
    clever !

  3. PaulArthurReeves says:

    My reply to anybody who thinks that Google Earth information is bullshit,
    is simply this, if it was bullshit, why would the reality be covered up by
    fake landscape? There may well be nothing there, but then there would be no
    need to hide it! There are also much clearer videos that show what appears
    to be an artificial entrance to an underground cave, but those who do not
    want to believe would have us think that this was a natural feature. The
    Nazis had circular flying machines, this is fact.

  4. Supremacy111 says:

    bullshit, cant find anything

  5. RayMo509 says:

    @minieminem that’s what I’d like 2 kno

  6. reddog694uk says:

    Google Earth photo resolutions are appalling quality, Major sections of
    many maps are highly edited and in some instances simply photoshopped to

  7. Bretton Ferguson says:

    New proof of Nazi Hybrids from Antarctica. Watch the video “Nazi Genetic


    dude, can i have the exact coordinates of the base on google earth? I tried
    to find it, but I can’t. the coordinates would help. and loggancun, its not

  9. avilesj231 says:

    @lloid6619 not all are man made…

  10. wheelmanstan says:

    Wow i knew about flying saucers, t-3b, etc but the nazi’s seem to have had
    saucers way before the roswell incident even! I’m talking Vril 1 in what,
    1912! That’s when the Titanic sank lol. I’m guessing with project paperclip
    the allies got all of what was left. I’m pretty sure most of the ufo’s
    we’ve been seeing are man made, maybe even the giant one seen over Phoenix.
    I guess maybe the nordics helped them out and maybe started the whole aryan
    craze lol. There are some amazing pics out there.

  11. Rusbalt says:

    class,thanks for movie

  12. monkeyross says:

    nice basic photoshop.

  13. eatermaneatsyou says:

    you realize that Google earth is taken by multiple companies and
    governmental satellites, with different exposure rates on the cameras? look
    at a suburban picture, and the terrain is colored differently in some areas

  14. mordeth86 says:


  15. magnumphase says:

    Not saying I totally believe this BUUUUUUUTTTT it makes just as much sense
    as a story about a guy being born of a virgin who could feed thousands of
    people with some bread and a fish, oh yeah he could also resurrect people
    from the dead. Forgot to mention that his dad was the all loving creator of
    the universe but he destroyed entire cities and will send you to your fiery
    doom to be tortured for all eternity if you don’t do exactly as he says?
    but he loves you totally so it’s cool

  16. ray2928 says:

    I think we all know animation and how to make model planes. But if you
    really seen a “ship ufo” and how it flies. Then you would know it takes a
    different kind of being to move like so in the air. There is no comparison
    to what so-called modern or yesterdays euro-military can do. This is like
    Santa clause and the rain deer its made to believe but just think. If you
    don’t already knoww. Lastly if a white race is that supreme there would be
    no need to spend any negative energy on other races.THINK

  17. thearmy20001 says:


  18. Hyunni Tommy says:

    Thats fuck the fake ..

  19. Javier Lopez says:

    Anymore film like that? Very good.

  20. marineooo5 says:

    Didn’t the us just nuke the damned bases or something. Recovered what was

  21. seva168 says:

    Do you suck dick?

  22. Luftwaffe9277 says:

    So why did the Nazis not win the war. Perhaps a little more time for this.
    Also why have they not tried again to form a Reich?

  23. JeriDro says:

    This song reminds me of Resident Evil so much.

  24. Myanleader says:

    @lloid6619 World economy is based on fossil fuel. That would created a real
    world crises.

  25. suchadambidiot says:

    2:35, thats the google earth 100 years ago

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