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By , March 28, 2011 2:32 pm

WHERE HAS THE GOLD AND THE MONEY FROM THE REICHS-BANK GONE? WHERE ARE THE SCIENTIST? WHY have 200.000 Germans vanihed from the face of the Earth?
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  1. NETER420 says:

    @MrAsianTacos …hello – well … there is sure more that i know today.

    and pls. trust me – this has nothing – ore not so much to do with naziism to do – then most ppl. think.

    the german empire still exist – and some of the information are right there to see.

    look up the UN charta Articel 53 and 107

    try to figure out – why the UN was foundet…etc. ;O)

  2. MrAsianTacos says:

    I’m not a nazi, i think the things they did were horrible but i find myself sort of hoping some of this really was true…just seems so interesting. Just wondering how you acquire all this information.

  3. khalid6591 says:

    @Agarti555 i,m going there to build my own small country ?

  4. crisbanoviez says:

    That’s real !, the Germans built secret bases, which are used to today. There are now millions of Nazis in Antarctica, wich maintain the ancient traditions and develop new technologies based on a higher science.

  5. tototomococo says:

    only time will say if they are really good

  6. Agarti555 says:

    The Antarctica is a very large continent with more than 14 million km2. Coast lands are with ice cover but innerland are the driest places in the world and there are many lands without ice. In my channel I have got some videos about this question. I am sure nazis built there at least a base, I mean innerland. Where are they now, I don’t know but I know most of Antarctica are literaly forbidden to acces. How many people do you know personally who have been in Antarctica innerlands?

  7. NETER420 says:

    yes it is – but I am asking just quest. here… in last years I have gone much deeper into the history and some contracts!

  8. naduto says:

    0:42 is that real? The u-boat into Antarctica while the Nazis establish Neustchwabenland.

  9. RAHALLEN5 says:

    The Gold is in my Bank… and they nknow who I am….. RA~ Allen

  10. MrandMrsLove says:

    omfg first think then post *head shaking*

  11. rotta94 says:

    Great Video!

  12. svennio says:

    The GREAT German empire will strike back !

  13. brengale says:

    I heard the same thing that the gold is actually in their banks!

  14. ipwnualltodeath says:

    these vidos suck

  15. EGYPTpriest says:

    wheres it then?…on nibiru :_D`?

  16. flavour54 says:

    Although its not completely conclusive, it looks like some clever deductions.

    Nice one Neter

  17. mashj50 says:

    Great work as usual Neter! You appear to be connecting the dots really well. I wonder why this isn’t more of a mainstream topic amongst truth seekers? It goes straight to my favourites or the pool room as we Aussies say. Keep it up!

  18. hgn53k says:

    I just love your work Neter – poses so many un-answered questions!
    Look forward to these updates

  19. optiklencse says:

    William Cooper,Phill Schneider got murdered for the truth.Watch their videos also,Jordan Maxwell,project camelot,David Wilcock videos.Peace and unconditional love.

  20. acerb45666555 says:


  21. PollenB says:

    There ain’t no gold in Fort Knox anyhow, it’s a giant hoax.

  22. dieneshugi says:

    Well done,thanks for great video.Peace and unconditional love….

  23. UareMISINFORMED says:

    nee, das wurde warscheinlich zusammen mit (damals) neusten technologien in einem der vielen bunker versteckt, welche dann mit sprengfallen versehen und zugeschüttet wurden…aber mittlerweile wurde es ja gefunden, kam sogar im fernsehn…in obersdorf, aber komischerweise kam nur ein einziger bericht darüber in den nachrichten, dann wurde das thema abgesetzt, was wiederum den wahrheitsgehalt um einiges steigert.

  24. rainbowmatrixs says:

    As usual they the Takers will do anything for total greed…it doesn’t matter what race, sex, age, &/or religion…the only real thing that matters to them is the fact that they get what you have…all of it including your blood one way or the other a fast bleed, war or the slow, work you to death. Keep shining brightly…!

  25. BlackSUNrising12 says:

    Das hab ich auch gedacht!

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