New Swabia News (NSN) III

By , April 16, 2011 11:39 am

New Swabia News (NSN) III

WHY is this Video always been cut by YT???
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  1. llaoll says:

    the mind? das sinn?
    i read in the aztec codecs how one should end the false self, man muss sich selbst toten. i like these kind of news.

  2. chipsdrache says:

    lovely german lyrics, what a great language

  3. Subspace4d says:

    Ich habe die Technologie von antigravitation entschlüsselt. Die dinger sind einfach zu machen. Es kommt nachher noch viel mehr.

  4. ragnarreiner says:

    Fünf an der Zahl,
    auch von mir.

  5. MicrosoftVistahasser says:



  6. XxXGermanMartinMBXxX says:

    I love these videos. I honestly cannot stop watching.

  7. JiggaLan82 says:

    mein opa meinte immer der krieg ist noch nicht vorbei..vorbei ists nur mit der wehrmacht.. damals hatte ich kein plan was er meinte…
    danke NETER420

  8. q1qeu says:

    Dein Deutsch ist sehr gut! 🙂
    Especially for someone, who never used it except in school – and 10 yrs ago.

  9. q1qeu says:

    Dieses deutschsprachige Gedicht ist sogar für die meisten Deutschen heutzutage viel zu hoch. Denk nur mal an “PISA” 🙂 Etwas zuviel verlangt in dieser “ey alder, ich komm ausm getto unso, was guckstu” Gesellschaft…
    Was ich an deinen Videos zu bemängeln habe, ist auch weniger der Inhalt, sondern vielmehr diese bescheuerte “Starwars” Laufschrift. Soll das Kunst sein? *grins* Das macht es sehr schwer, man muss die Videos 3 mal gucken, und ständig pausieren/zurück”spulen” trotzdem: 5*e!

  10. FetidToecheese says:

    Would like to see a version in English if possible, danke!
    Great stills as usual

  11. NETER420 says:

    I know – but it is a rhyme – it will be hard to give the same meaning to it…

    I will think about a solution!:O)

  12. Murikov says:

    Danke für die Infos! Eines Tages werden wir vielleicht herausfinden wer dies genau ist!

  13. BudhistPanda says:

    I made some videos to in danish, and of course people could not understand them. Somebody gave me this idea, to write a english translation in the textbox. Just an idea, if you are up to it 🙂

  14. NETER420 says:

    Ahasver [hebräisch »Fürst«] (Ahasverus)

    1. im Alten Testament Name des Perserkönigs Xerxes,
    2. in der Volkssage der Ewige Jude,
    3. übertragen: ein ruhelos umhergetriebener Mensch; ein verfolgter, ziellos und friedlos irrender Wanderer.

  15. NETER420 says:

    Die Frage ist – denke ich – sehr wichtig un interessant im ganzem Zusammenhang dieses Textes!

    Wiki. ist nicht die beste Quelle – ich werde mal ein wenig forschen!

  16. Murikov says:

    Sehr gutes Video, 5*!! Aber wer ist genau “Ahasver”? Der Name ähnelt etwas diesem “Ashtar Sheran”. Wikipedia zufolge ist Ahasver ein altpersischer Name und hat auch einen jüdischen Ursprung????

  17. NETER420 says:

    thank you – but the text is very important!!!

    go trough the text – word by word! ;O)

  18. BudhistPanda says:

    Danke schön. Ich habe nicht for 10 jahre deutch screibt, meine deutch bist nicht so gut 🙂 Sehr schön bilder aus ufo´s, und sehr gut video. Ich verstedt nicht was du hast im der text screiben, aber viele fotos, und das ist prima.

    He he, was pretty funny writing deutch, but I got low grades in school, and I never used the language, so im sorry for all the errors 🙂 There is a lot of good fotos, you should actually circle all the ufo´s out, and make them easier to see, while you read the text.

  19. NETER420 says:

    hey NibeIungentreue ,

    long time no see!


  20. toretreskjegg says:

    Das Flugblatt aus den 80ern wurde bestimmt von einem Ufo abgeworfen um uns vor Ahasver und Seinesgleichen zu warnen. Für den Endsieg gegen NWO! 5*

  21. NeaFrea says:


  22. bootleggersouth says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge NETER.

  23. NETER420 says:

    you will love the text… ;O)

  24. nomangodoytokay says:

    Danke, klingt sehr interessant. Also historisch real existierender Ort, nehme ich an. Danke auch für die seltenen Fotos und den seltenen Text.

  25. GRIDKEEPER says:

    Great pictures! Now i just need to learn German.

  26. sophiah88 says:


    how do you do know all these things?

    most of this is available in the public domain
    NETER has done the research and put it all together for us
    Thanks NETER. Great research and dedication to synopsize the more urgent details.

  27. KGWOLF77 says:

    5:46 Yeah there is protection field but sometimes it doesnt help. In 1943 Kursk tank battle vril 7 were destroyed(shooted down) by russian tankcrew. Its real fact!

  28. MagretChatwin says:

    “Jews” ist the correct word, not Judes.

  29. D0NH says:

    it’s a torture to read this text, althoug it is interesting.

  30. tmmmviii says:

    If these craft could fly so fast, could not be shot down, and caused problems with the electrical systems in their immediate vicinity, then why didn’t they just fly near attacking planes and disable them by short-circuiting their electrical systems?

  31. 05e134 says:

    to answer your question: youtube thinks, these vids are nazi propaganda…

  32. 05e134 says:

    sorry, I wanted to add some thing: the illuminati are mostely judes… but not all of them. I’m sure, these people ” have the knowledge of the true bible story or who did the regional differences…
    you see what I mean: we want to lead the world, we give a story out for the conscience… but time changes, people awake… so we bring a new medium to control the masses: money..

  33. 05e134 says:

    illuminati = judes

    now bring all together with the story of jesus… (ther are a few different, and every religion want to have the “best bible story”… understand now?
    I mean, everybody should know, that the bible stories are not the truth… just telling the way to have profit.

  34. Omexoplex says:

    Well done…

  35. spilledinsanity says:

    wow. this is my first time hearing about any of this and i came upon this by mistake. strange i believe alot of this and want to read into it more but for now its too much conspiracy for me to ingest just yet especially when u involved the Kennedy assassination.

  36. Shetler82 says:

    you are really serious?
    I know some news about “New Swabia” …
    how do you do know all these things?

  37. NETER420 says:

    I will! ;O)

  38. sarrazinmars says:

    (d) continuation…

    Yes,I believe that there is a very fascinated side of events,on -Germany`s History- that has not been told on the classrooms.
    We can say with certainty that -GERMANY-was the Pioneer on The Space Technology,and that it hasn`t received the acknowledgment and Merit that deserves,on The History books.
    So let`s keep this information alive!

    That is all for now,Neter.
    I tried to write a message on your channel and it was not accepted. Hope that You are well,dearest Friend.

  39. sarrazinmars says:

    (c) continuation….

    So-Neter- now that you have gather more experience in doing this vids. Maybe If You make another layout video that breaks the sequences on at least 3 written slides that the viewer can Read and have a bit of time
    to think and assimilated the thought or main idea. Because this is a very important historical information for the world to check it out and give it a good thought and maybe to Open Their Eyes to this Probability that There is another side of German History.

  40. sarrazinmars says:

    Continuation… For instance the Introduction until almost 00:58 – It is Too Important to not emphasized it more! So the viewer can Read that important statement all at once and then is ready for the next ideas that support the previous statement. Your Theory has a lot of well documented researched -Neter-
    These three Societies are “Crucial” on Understanding from how and where The Third Reich came to be form and what its goals or final destination were.

  41. sarrazinmars says:

    Hi -Neter- I was viewing this video again,and I am still amazed of the amount of important info that it has! But at the end I had a bit of headache…just trying to catchup with the slides of pics.shown on the background and the sentences written explaining all this data that You have gathered.
    Maybe,Neter,if You break the presentation on
    at least 3 intermediates. So the viewer can have a moment to assimilate some of the information.
    Continuation next…

  42. jackalackacrud says:

    Awesome video with good information. Also the questions raised about free energy were intriguing.

  43. uberover says:

    Thank you for posting. I had a video about 10yrs ago that went deep into this topic. I believe it was titled “German UFOs, or Nazi UFOs” *****

  44. acerb45666555 says:

    danke 5*****

  45. MrMP81 says:

    My whole view on the UFO thing is it is NASA itself playing Space Games. Look up the book ” Dark Mission “

  46. ExilLarkdanx says:

    Hey, sweet…

  47. Murikov says:

    wäre eine basis im hymalaya auch nicht möglich?

  48. hgn53k says:

    5 stars Neter, excellent video and a good read to boot! Have you any information on the Germans one way trip to Mars in 1946 – was it one way? Joseph Skipper has found large amounts of evidence to suggest Mars has Cities and production plants as well as Hydro-electrics. Keep up your great work!

  49. grandmasteryeager says:

    Five *****. knowledge is hidden by oppressors. but now our solar system is turning into energies from the heart of our galaxy with a cleaning effect. Therefore all this dirt of oppression corruption criminality is exposed now in our time. You can stand this. An ending is always a new beginning. If the dirt & dark side is exposed the light side, the joy & perfection of life must be exposed, too. I.e. the WORLD HARMONICS. See my films on that subject here on YT.

  50. aenigmate says:

    Much more easily reasable than the old version. Great job, thanks, a very interesting video.

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