New Swabia News (NSN) II REMAKE

By , April 27, 2011 7:19 pm


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  1. NETER420 says:


    good one! on one side mentally … but more on the spiritual side most are not prepared …

  2. marekniewiarowski says:

    I just have one question : Why more advanced technologically worlds did not want to communicate with us at this time, when money become a God and master of human everyday life and problems???
    Maybe because we are not mentally prepared for it.

  3. sarrazinmars says:

    @ Neter … cont…
    Really GERMANY has not received its Acknowledgment for the contribution to all these advance technology that has benefit other Countries.
    Greetings from Canada to Germany! 🙂

  4. sarrazinmars says:

    Hi Neter, I just finished viewing your NSN II remake vid. I still find all the information that you compressed on it -So Fascinated-
    It puzzles me that this Important link to Germany`s past UFO`s Technology is really almost ‘overlooked’ by so called “Ufologist”…
    I am going to featured it on my channel for some weeks. The time is reaping for all these secrecy and cover up to be exposed.
    Really GERMANY has not received its Acknowledgment for the contribution to all these advance tech.

  5. sonderkommando2 says:

    stimmt! stämmer! agree!

  6. NETER420 says:


  7. marinello6 says:


  8. grandmasteryeager says:

    The allied governmental records concerning world war II are locked up for another 60 years now. WHY? It is international law: after 60 years of wars end the records should be open for the public. Neter is doing a great job here.

  9. sarrazinmars says:

    Your question at the begining of the video:
    “Why they-the world liders and the military
    keeps secret of the ufo`s”. “Almost all the secrets have to do with the past of our planet
    the history and the origin of humanity.
    Neter,tonite one of the biggest news,here in canada was the released of Confidential
    UFO Documents,by the British Gov. Also the news from the vatican that it is okey to believed on the possibility of E.T.`s.
    Strange Timing,I find it.
    Thanks Neter!

  10. brengale says:

    I think todays School-history books we can burn agreed there Neter! they’ve also been rewritten to support the views of the “master of the world” LOL not that I would call them master but the history we get today is garbage and mis leading information.

  11. dieneshugi says:

    Thanks for better writing ,brilliant video.Peace and unconditional love…

  12. hgn53k says:

    Thanks again Neter – Do you know if they went to Mars in 1936 in Haunebu 3? Check video response and let me know!

  13. Slavesrevolt says:

    Thanks for the post. People get a fixed belief and they case build upon that one belief. They lock out opposing opinions without examing or questioning. They make statements but never question. I prefer to question everything.

  14. NeaFrea says:

    Danke, für die hervorragenden Bilder und die klaren Informationen!

  15. butterflygris says:

    I want to see the rest, just stopped so fast.
    very interesting, I heard one that Hitler has connections with the Golden Dawn.

  16. BudhistPanda says:

    A actually study to become a teacher, but how can I teach all that crap and lies, that are presented to us. As a teacher in religion, I have a duty to especially teach about christianity, and with only 1-2 lessons in this subject every week, it dosent leave much room for summarian, egyptian and old Indish sanskrit writtings, who I believe tells the real story about how mankind came to earth. I actually tried to tell the teacher students about the aliens and 9/11 lies, that was no succes…

  17. NETER420 says:


    even 55.000 Dutch were in the SS and 1000 Tibetan…

    … I think todays School-history-books we can burn – because they make no sense at all…

  18. BudhistPanda says:

    Nice one, thx. for making it in english too. Did you know, that a danish historian just revealed that Scharlburg was best friends with the royal danish family, especially Christian the 10th, who was also Denmarks higest in the first free mason lodge in Denmark from 1747. The children in the royal danish family used to call him uncle, and Scharlburg also recruted danes to fight for the SS. I think that history tells a lie, telling that Denmark was occupied by Germany, I think we helped the nazis

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