Mayday for Lutheran ship trying to reach the Antarctica Hollow Earth entrance in New Swabia

By , May 5, 2011 8:51 am

The Nazis, Admiral Byrd and The Secret Land – On 17 December 1938 the New Swabia Expedition left Hamburg for Antarctica aboard the Schwabenland, a freighter capable of carrying and catapulting aircraft. The expedition had 33 members plus the Schwabenland’s crew of 24. In January 1939 the ship arrived in an area already claimed in 1938 by Norway as Dronning Maud Land and began charting the region. In the following weeks 15 flights were made by the ship’s two Dornier Wal aircraft named Passat and Boreas over an area reported as about 600000 square kilometres (although others have claimed the area flown over was half this size). More than 16000 aerial photographs were taken but these are still considered useless since they consist of more or less endless white images with no indications of latitude or longitude.[1] To assert Germany’s claim to newly named Neu-Schwabenland three German flags were placed along the coast and 13 more were air-dropped further inland. Some accounts claim these markers were 1.5-metre (5 ft)-tall iron poles topped with a swastika.
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Nazi UFOs (German: Haunebu, Hauneburg-Geräte, or Reichsflugscheiben) are advanced aircraft or spacecraft that Nazi Germany supposedly developed during World War II and Nazi scientists continued to develop afterwards. These craft appear not only in fiction but also in various historical revisionist writings. They often appear in connection with esoteric Nazism, an ideology that supposes the possibility of Nazi restoration by supernatural or paranormal means. Nazi UFO theories agree with mainstream history on the following points: Nazi Germany claimed the territory of New Swabia, sent an expedition there in 1938, and planned others. Nazi Germany conducted research into advanced propulsion technology, including rocketry and Viktor Schauberger’s turbine work. Some UFO sightings during World War II, particularly those known as foo fighters, were thought to be enemy aircraft. The earliest non-fictional reference to Nazi flying saucers appears to be a series of articles by and about Italian turbine expert Giuseppe Belluzzo. The following week, German scientist Rudolph Schriever claimed to have developed flying saucers during the Nazi period. Aeronautical engineer Roy Fedden remarked that the only craft that could approach the capabilities attributed to flying saucers were those being designed by the Germans towards the end of the war. Fedden also added that the Germans were working on a number of very unusual aeronautical projects, though he did not elaborate upon his statement

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  1. timpa666 says:


  2. vangelis721 says:

    @VRILPOWER777 VRIL Power…Except NO Substitute!!!

  3. VRILPOWER777 says:

    4th Reich!

  4. Murkzilla666 says:

    Hail Hitler!

  5. supreme600 says:

    i was hoping they would mention the Antarctica base.

  6. WulfBand says:

    BS: Vadlesborg Castle wasn’t occupied by the SS in 1933. In fact it wasn’t occupied by them until almost 10 years later.
    I hate liers, it just discredits any documentary.

  7. vangelis721 says:

    @Volksverhetz You most certainly have an impressive channel, with a myriad of bountiful uploaded videos to boot! Although I agree with your statements on the Zionists, you dumped me into the category of “Dim Bulbs”? You are not very impressive to me by any means and by my determination are nothing but a Zionist JIDF/ADL youtube shill..So carry on… Blocked and Banned…Now go expound your personal philosophy in front of a mirror. You will find all the attention you will ever get. 🙂

  8. crowndeluxe says:

    Now “Made in Germany” becomes a different meaning.

    Makes me proud being a german.

    no offense 😉

  9. Volksverhetz says:

    Of the 13 comments posted so far (prior to mine right now), 1951Jimmy wrote the ONLY COHERENT, LITERATE one! The rest of you, quite apart from being incapable of spelling or punctuating properly, cannot even express yourselves coherently. If you “DIM BULBS” represent the typical INTELLECT of those looking into the issues in this video, then we might as well just consult some African cannibals as to their opinions on this topic!

  10. Agarti555 says:

    the horrific war crimes of the Allied he mean

  11. fedemupitchar says:

    Sieg Heil mein Fuhrer

  12. montsyblackmadonna says:

    God Bless Hitler !

  13. vangelis721 says:

    @1951jimmy There were several accurate accounts of the locals and developments of the Nazi Scientists. I have found 90% of them from other sides of the spectrum to be believable. I would love to get the hidden Vatican view of their chronology too!

  14. KingfisnPunk says:

    @vangelis721 thats sucks ,but im shure u wont let it bring u down too much, from what iev ascertained,
    the troubles not just in youtube its all part of a global reform,you know the aliens arnt going to show themselfs till were in a new world order……..oh snap i think that bowl is kicking in

  15. 1951jimmy says:

    Carter Hydrick’s book, “Critical Mass” gives a different account of the Nazi’s attempts at creating an atomic bomb. He claims they were successful. Also, Joseph Farrell’s books allege that bell research, Kammller, and Borman fled to Argentina after the war and continued efforts to perfect the bell technology. Jim Marrs’ books also maintain similar themes as the previous authors.

  16. vangelis721 says:

    @KingfisnPunk I thought so…LOL! Naw I have just been getting pinged with copyright bullshit lately…And it sucks to see youtube channels like Dr. Phil the fraud idiot Oprah whore and the nasty bubbled headed broads The View crone-o-saurs..Yikes! Corporations have invaded youtube and are creating havoc..Now I will smoke a bowl and un-fucked…Cheers!

  17. KingfisnPunk says:

    @vangelis721 hey i resemble that remark …………… i was wondering what you were crying about ,sumthin bout youtube and dr phil lol

  18. KingfisnPunk says:

    @vangelis721hey i resemble that remark …………… i was wondering what you were crying about ,sumthin bout youtube and dr phil lol

  19. vangelis721 says:

    @KingfisnPunk I am sorry but I don’t really understand your comment. Smoke a bowl and clear your head…LOL!!!

  20. vangelis721 says:

    @AcePilot101 Some of it was Tesla……..:-O

  21. KingfisnPunk says:

    wutz up dude u sound distrested nfill me in to what your saying .pretend im dumb .i know that will b hard to do but try

  22. AcePilot101 says:

    It wasn’t alien technology, it was Tesla.

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