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nazi ufo Antarctic base [ HD ].avi

By , April 10, 2014 8:03 am

Top secret German expeditions to “NEUSCHWABENLAND”. As landing points, there could have been used two of the three marked landing bays north-west of the “MÜH…

Nazi Bell Antarctic UFO Base: Die Glocke

By , November 28, 2011 11:42 pm

The facts behind the Nazi Bell and Antarctic UFO Base
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ANTARCTICA! The 1939-41 Admiral Byrd’s 3rd Antarctic Mission (6 of 6)

By , November 21, 2011 10:31 am Antarctica (1941) Part 6 of 6 Officially the Adm. Byrd’s mission was a geographical, biological and metereological one. In facts the US Intelligence was really concerned about the Nazi research of the secret Antarctic Doors, according to the “Hollow Earth” theory. There were also rumours about a Nazi “Secret Disk-Shaped Planes Factory and Military Air Base” in the area. The possibility of the passage of unknown weapons and Axis’ troops through the Earth, able to hit the USA by surprise from the underground, was taken in serious consideration by the American Intelligence at the end of the 1930ies. To control the Germans in their activities in “Neu-Schwabenland” was considered a priority in the early times of WW2, at least before Pearl Harbor’s attack and the US involvement in the conflict. In this recently declassified original silent footage there’s much more that meets the eye than the trip to Antarctic and the daily life of the crew. There are really revealing and unexpected shots here and there… The official version of this mission’s history is available here We are calling “Fair Use” for the musical soundtracks (Demo Only) added in 2010 by ROMANO-ARCHIVES to the 6 parts of this silent film. In this part (6 of 6) we added re-mixed music created by Michael Meara (Light Part 3 – Album “Ambient Collective: Light”). Editing by ROMANO-ARCHIVES. “SUBSCRIBING to this Channel is a MUST for researchers and RARE HISTORICAL FOOTAGE fans
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