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卐Rare Collection from Hitler’s Personal Residences卐

By , February 27, 2012 2:06 pm

Most of these items were stolen from Hitler’s Führerhauptquartiers including his apartment in Munich, his Führerbunker in Berlin and his Wolfsschanze in Rastenburg East Prussia. These are EXTREMELY RARE historical items and they are trully amazing to view in person. Some of the items seen are, Hitler’s personal standard (der Fuhrer fliegen), his mirror from the Führerbunker in Berlin, his personal bath towels and robe embroidered with the swastika and his initials AH , his personal silver rare and his personal copy of his book Mein Kampf. Also as a side note: Hitler did NOT commit suicide in Berlin, he escaped with many of the Kriegsmarine to Argentina, and he died there in the late sixties. The Reich never fully surrendered according to International Law, only two of the three military branches signed the treaty. The modern Bundesrepublik der Deutchland is simply a corporation run by the Rothschild branch of the Illuminati. The Third Reich evolved into the Fourth Reich which is currently headquartered in Neu Schwabenland Antarctica at Base 211. Most all of modern history concerning the Nazis is completely false information put out by the Illuminati. Remember at first, Hitler was supported by the Rothschild Illuminati and then the Vril Society. For anyone who doubts any of this look into “Operation High Jump” in 1946 which is just the tip of the iceberg. 卐

Ufo technology explained by contemporary witness. Fritz Watzl, The last Sorcerer’s Apprentice of Viktor Schauberger, an 80 year “old man” from austria.
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