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UFOH – Nazi UFOs [3 of 3]

By , September 3, 2012 8:20 am

The team ventures to Germany and Poland to investigate rumors that the Third Reich had reverse engineered technology and may have produced a functional spacecraft, and how some of this technology was captured by the United States and helped jump start the US space program. Military historian Igor Witkowski gives the team insight on “Die Glocke” (The Bell), an alleged top secret Nazi wunderwaffen. [S03E05] Aired: 22nd April 2009
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2012 2june propulsion, tested in an old German house. Designed by Dr. Heinz. And Ario Space agency Uber-SK This is only the Beginning!!!! The new Era of the technological means of the wunderwaffen ss returns The propulsion machine can enable travel between mars and earth to take place at a speed of 200 000Km+ Within 2or 3 weeks we could well have reached Mars. Unlike ordinary rockets are too heavy as they require excess fuel to be carried along. But with the. It can run on solar panels/ zr3 magnetic generator/ Ionizing and much more as space is filled with radiation and we can harvest it. Mein SKIDBLADNIR.

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