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Erich Kemper – UFOs

By , May 9, 2012 7:36 am

Verbreitet das Video bitte weiter und ladet es selbst auf eure Kanäle hoch!
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UFO, UFOs, Nazi Connection

By , February 1, 2012 6:15 am Millions are familiar with the so-called “Roswell Incident”, however few realize the potential Nazi connection to this unusual and enigmatic incident in America’s history. Our moon program was basically founded on the research of ONE Nazi “rocket” scientist by the name of Werner Von Braun, however many do not realize that not only rocket propulsion but also antigravity propulsion was an integral part of the Nazi space projects. Could the Nazi’s have reached the moon prior to the USA? There are even reports of Nazi ‘space’ bases on the moon… and also of massive Nazi bases under the mountains of Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica… And these reports just keep coming… Even stranger still, it is a known fact that Adolph Hitler read a book by Rosecrucian Grandmaster E. Bulwer Lytton, titled The Coming Race, about a subterraneous race which possessed supernatural technology and who, according to the novel, were intent on one day claiming the surface world for their own. Probably due to his fascination for occult legendry and of mystic tales — such as the Bhuddist’s traditions of a vast underground world called Agharti and the Hindu legends of a reptilian cavern world called Patalas, etc. — Adolph became obsessed with the novel and was apparently fanatical over the prospect of an imminent underground invasion of the surface world in the future, and wanted to make alliances with these underground races so that once they emerged he could rule the earth in
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Nazi UFOs: The Ultimate German Wunderwaffen!

By , July 31, 2011 4:46 am

Here is some information that is already known: NAZI UFOs and World War II German/Pleiadean connections. – “In 1934, a group of Pleiadians (Tall Humanoid beings with blond hair and blue eyes) approached the US government, under the Roosevelt administration, in an effort to work out an eventual military disarmament arrangement [Al Bielek referred to this group as the “Kondrakins” [my spelling[ …Ken] . The US government refused, so the Pleiadians approached Hitler and the Nazis instead. I believe by this time, the Draco reptilians had taken control of much of the upper levels of the US federal government, and the human puppets would not give up their military weapons. Part of the covert reptilian agenda is to massively reduce the world’s population by wars to reduce resistance, if and when the time comes, to the final Draco invasion. *The next approach was with the Germans via “The Thule Society – a secret society in Germany, “used telepathic forces & have much knowledge of extraterrestrial technologies, occurrences & intelligences”; seek to elevate the white/Aryan race on Earth; “all is screened by spiritual forces that are difficult to penetrate” The Pleiadians worked out a treaty with Hitler and the Nazis that in exchange for technology the Nazis would not attack the Jewish people.. The Pleiadians tried to stop all of this, and their treaty with the Nazis held together until around 1941.. I cannot get a very clear picture of what happened after this, as the information
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